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Rights and Obligations of the Partners

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Rights and Obligations of the Parties

Rights and Obligations of the Partners

  1. The partner has a right to use the advertising materials and tools provided on the Traders Union’s (Union) website to attract referrals.

  2. The partner has a right to attract referrals on external resources, as well as on Traders Union subprojects, following the Regulations, set by subprojects.

  3. The partner has a right to contact the representatives of the Union for explanations of the reasons why the clients attracted by him did not become his referrals.

  4. The partner has a right to get the partner remuneration in full, subject to all the Rules of the partner program.

  5. The partner shall have access to the information detailed about the referrals attracted by him in the "Detailed Statistics" section.

  6. The partner shall attract clients to the Union by means that do not contradict the policies of the Union and do not discredit its reputation.

  7. The partner shall attract new clients to Traders Union regularly. If a partner is reserved* within the Traders Union affiliate program for over 6 (six) months, all referral registrations assigned to the partner shall be archived, and his account shall be assigned the status of a client. Affiliate remunerations for such an account shall be canceled completely and with no right to restore (for the period of absence). To activate the affiliate program on his account, the partner shall apply by contacting and, from the moment of receiving the notification of the application acceptance, attract at least 5 active referrals to Traders Union within the first 30 calendar days from the activation date of the affiliate program in your account. After activating the affiliate program in the partner's account, all remunerations for previously attracted referrals shall be resumed (excluding the period of their absence). Affiliate payments shall be carried out on an ongoing basis if the partner is regularly active and attracts at least 3 active referrals per month (30 calendar days). If there is no monthly affiliate activity after activating the affiliate program, the affiliate status will be canceled automatically again. This status can be resumed by repeating the procedure described above.

  8. The partner shall not use the intellectual property of the Union without links to the official source to attract customers: the official website content, the Union’s logo, as well as other information.

  9. The partner shall not use: such methods of attracting as "buying" fake clients on special sites; multi-registration; registration of accounts using incorrect data; registration of relatives using his referral links to get extra profit under the Union's affiliate program.

*Attraction of 3 or more active referrals within every 30 calendar days on an ongoing basis.

Rights and obligations of the Traders Union

  1. The Union shall provide the partner with advertising tools and materials to attract customers.

  2. The union shall provide partners with a partner cabinet with the necessary information about referrals.

  3. The Union shall pay affiliate remuneration on time and in the amount prescribed.

  4. The Union shall assist the partner if disputes arise regarding the clients attracted by him.

  5. The Union has the right to unilaterally cancel partner accruals if these accruals were obtained by violating Clauses 8 and 9 of the “Rights and Obligations of Partners” section. To resume affiliate remuneration, disputed referral accounts shall be confirmed by verification. From the moment of verification of the referral account, partner accruals shall be carried out in the standard way.

  6. The Union has the right to request from the partner information about the resources where the affiliate links and other materials are published, to analyze the compliance of the partner's activities with the Affiliate Program Regulations.

  7. The Union has the right to unilaterally amend or supplement the current Regulations provisions without prior notice.