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Forex traders’ contest — is, in the first place, the unique possibility for traders to demonstrate their skills in exchange market trading. Apart from that, this is also the proven way to get great profits. Trader’s contests give the possibility to all interested persons to significantly improve their knowledge not only about Forex market in general, but also about trading instruments, as well as to show their traders skills by earning real money without any investment.

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Forex contests on demo-accounts

The most appropriate solution for the inexperienced participants of the market would be trading contests on demo-accounts, because in this case there is no need to worry about the risk of losing their money. The participation in these cash contests will also be profitable and beneficial for the professional traders: virtual money trading gives very simple opportunity to test operational trading strategy and to increase your professionalism. Money earned on demo-accounts of Forex contests can be used at its own discretion. Forex trading contests on demo-account — is not only the contest to win money, but also the proven method to quickly improve your skills of trading in the currency exchange market.

Forex competition, which is held by IAFT is the real contest to win money making no personal investments. Any registered client of the Association is permitted to take part in this Forex competition without any expenses.

Free online competitions of Forex take place regularly. With the respect to time, money competitions are divided into daily, weekly and monthly ones. Daily demo Forex trading contest give the possibility to multiply your earnings just during one day. Weekly Forex competitions, respectively, give traders more time to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of trading.

The winners are defined on the ground of the income that is calculated from the received funds correlation to the general deposit. The results are indicated in the relevant sections (“Trader Contest”) of Traders Union’s official web-site within two-day limit. The winners of Forex contest can get their cash prizes immediately after release of the results and use them at their own request – to withdraw their cash prizes or to use them for further trading operations.

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Contest sponsors

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Prize money for the participants

Place Prize money,$ Amount of prize money in % of the prize fund
1 45 22.5
2 40 20
3 30 15
4 20 10
5 15 7.5
6-10 10 5

The total amount of prize money: 200 dollars.

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