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Forex economic calendar

Forex economic calendar is one of the key services that are necessary for the efficient work of all currency market players. The information stream provided by this calendar constantly covers various types of content, which obviously affects the currency trading process. A trader should always stay in frames of this information environment. It is the only way to make the right and timely decision. In other words, the main target of FX calendar is to give traders an opportunity to catch the most important information flows. Such opportunity contributes to a deeper understanding of trends and allows building of the future operation fields.

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Time GMT Country Macroeconomic Indicator Previous Level Forecast Actual Level
04:30 AUD AUD Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes
10:00 CHF CHF SECO Economic Forecasts
12:30 GBP GBP 30-y Bond Auction 1.295%, 2.19
17:15 NZD NZD Global Dairy Trade Price Index -0.9%
09:00 GBP GBP Unemployment Rate 4.8% 4.7%
09:00 GBP GBP Average Earnings Index 4.0% 3м/г, 4.6% 3м/г 4.9%, 5.3%
09:00 GER GER Consumer Price Index 0.5% m/m, 2.5% y/y 0.5%, 2.5%
09:00 GER GER Consumer Price Index - EU Harmonised 0.3% m/m, 2.4% y/y 0.3%, 2.4%
09:45 FR FR Consumer Price Index 0.3% m/m, 1.4% y/y 0.3%, 1.4%
12:00 EUR EUR Trade Balance 13.0B, 15.8B 15.2B, 14.4B
15:15 CAD CAD Housing Starts 268.631K 271.0K
15:30 USD USD Retail Sales 0.0% m/m, -0.8% m/m -0.5%, 0.5%
15:30 USD USD Producer Price Index 0.6% m/m, 6.2% y/y 0.5%, 6.4%
15:30 USD USD Core PPI 0.7% m/m, 4.1% y/y 0.5%, 3.7%
15:30 USD USD Empire State Manufacturing Index 24.3 22.3
16:15 USD USD Capacity Utilization Rate 74.9% 75.2%
16:15 USD USD Industrial Production 0.7% 0.6%
16:15 USD USD Manufacturing (SIC) Production 0.4% 0.4%
17:00 USD USD Business Inventories 0.3% -0.1%
17:00 USD USD NAHB Housing Market Index 83 83
16:50 EUR EUR Member of the Executive Board of the ECB Fabio Panetta Speaks
09:00 GBP GBP Claimant Count Change -15.1K 25.0K
15:15 GBP GBP BOE Governor Andrew Bailey Speaks
11:00 IT IT Consumer Price Index 0.0% m/m, 1.3% y/y 0.0%, 1.3%
23:00 USD USD TIC Long-Term Purchases 262.2B 119.5B
01:45 NZD NZD Food Prices Index 1.1% 0.4%
04:30 AUD AUD House Price Index (HPI) 3.0% q/q, 3.6% y/y 5.5%, 9.5% 5.4% q/q, 7.5% y/y
07:30 JPY JPY Tertiary Industry Activity 1.1% -0.7%

m/m - data is presented with relation to last month
y/y - data is presented with relation to the same period last year

Critical events are highlighted in red.

The most important indicators are public and appear in the mass media on a regular basis. The main news headlines of an investing economic calendar highlight such important events as unemployment rate, GDP value and central bank rate. That is due to a significant influence of these economic indicators on the currency market fluctuations. We can say that such an important resource as economic calendar serves as the information source for all exchange market participants. The main reward any trader will get for becoming familiar with the currency market aspects is the ability to stay completely updated about all innovations in the financial field. Regardless of the participants’ background, access to the fundamental categories is a peculiar insurance against some unexpected events capable of crashing any currency.

Forex economic calendar provides sufficient information and helps in exploring credible database. Each trader can easily check any data he/she may need in the nearest future or in the longer terms. Another advantage of FX calendar that makes information clearer is the fact that all data is provided in chronological order. It is worth noting that action of the participants look more confident against this background. The development of this program gives positive reaction of users. Beyond that, the news line can include more and more information streams.

Especially for its users association of Forex traders creates unique color and dynamic charts that indicate all necessary financial information. This feature becomes indispensable during the online trading. The clear indication of the development of market relations makes the rating of all currency operations more positive.