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Forex No-Deposit Bonus in 2021 | Get Real Money for Free

March 2021

Time and again people who decide to try themselves at Forex think whether it is possible to start making money in the foreign exchange market without investments. After all, 80% of novice traders lose 100% of their first 2-3 deposits because they lack trading prudence, basic experience, knowledge, and/or a good strategy.

A no-deposit Forex bonus is the best solution. Almost all brokers offer some form of it, and it may have different names depending on the broker. Bonuses also differ in type, conditions, and size, but the bottom line is the same. For instance, a broker provides the trader with start-up funds for free. This is usually a small amount in the range of $5-10. Although new no-deposit Forex bonuses can sometimes reach $1,000 and even exceed that amount!

Some brokers call a no-deposit bonus at registration a “Welcome Bonus” or “Welcome Reward”. As of 2021, all companies on the Traders Union Rating List offer such rewards under various names and conditions.

Forex No-deposit Bonuses 2021 - All Brokers List

No-deposit bonuses are an accepted marketing and goodwill tool of Forex brokerage companies seeking to attract and secure the loyalty of new and veteran traders. Everybody is looking for a good deal, free money, or a “no obligation” opportunity. It’s human nature. The idea is to entice you into starting to trade even if you don’t yet know if you like the activity. Traders with different experiences on Forex use these bonuses to practice strategy or to acquire skills, or simply to make up for a recent loss.

Traders have a different concern for this type of instrument:
  • some consider bonuses to be a really effective way to make a profit;

  • others consider bonuses, especially welcome ones, as a means to bankroll and launch a new pastime into investing real money long term;

  • still, others appraise bonuses as a motivation to become active in the Forex market as some brokers transfer profits only after meeting several conditions (for example, making a set number of transactions or experimenting with a set of new trading instruments).

All of these beliefs are sincere. No-deposit bonuses are a good motivator to become active in the Forex market. Veteran traders have their own reasons for taking advantage of no-deposit bonuses on Forex in 2021. Add to this that it is very common for traders to change brokers, test the waters at the brokerage de jour, or because of a recommendation.

A professional who is working with a specific broker for the first time will want to try out the software, terminal, trading instruments, and conditions of the company. In this case, the trader naturally wants to preserve his own funds, because he is unsure whether he’ll stay with this broker.

The no-deposit Forex bonus happens to be very handy as the trader immediately uses it to test the broker’s platform, etc. It is a win-win situation. That is one reason why in 2021 more and more brokers are offering increasingly attractive no-deposit bonuses.

Brokers' bonus table
Broker’s name Size Conditions for obtaining Regulation
FBS $100

How to get FBS no deposit bonus:.

Open a new MT5 account and request it


Yes, after trading 5 lots during 30 days.

CySEC (Cyprus)
Tickmill $30

How to get Tickmill no deposit bonus

  • Register an account with Tickmill;
  • The welcome bonus account will be added automatically after the application is approved;
  • The welcome bonus account will have $30 in it.

Trading Limitations:

  • EA trading is not allowed;
  • The bonus is valid for 90 days.

How to withdraw the profit:

  • A minimum of $30 and a maximum of $100 profit can be transferred to a live mt4 trading account;
  • One client is limited to one request for profit transfer only;
  • Open a live mt4 account with at least $100 deposited into it.
FCA (UK), CySEC (Cyprus), FSCA (South Africa), LFSA (Labuan), SFSA (Seychelles)
FXOpen $10

How to get FXOpen no deposit bonus:

Register an FXOpen eWallet, verify your phone number, register an STP account


Trade over 2 lots to withdraw profits. The bonus is not withdrawable.

ASIC (Australia), FCA (UK)
FreshForex $2021

How to get FreshForex no deposit bonus:

  • Traders need to register with FreshForex.
  • Open Classic, Market Pro, or ECN account in MetaTrader 4/MetaTrader 5 platforms in USD, EUR, or RUB.
  • There is no need for personal data verification to receive the no deposit bonus.
  • The bonus should be credited automatically

Trading Limitations:

  • To save the profit received, traders have to fund the account with the amount of received profit.
  • Trading period: 7 calendar days upon receiving a bonus.

How to withdraw the profit:

  • Save the earned profit by funding your trading account with an amount equal to or more than the profit earned within 7 days after receiving a bonus.
  • Complete 1 lot per $5 of saved profit within 30 days.
  • Contact Fresh Forex manager via feedback form to transfer your profit into account balance.

Withdraw the profit earned or use it back in trading.

FCA (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
InstaForex $1,000

How to get IstaForex no deposit bonus:

Open a new account using the promotional form online and fully verify it.


Bonus, cannot be withdrawn, only profits can be withdrawn after trading X * 3 InstaForex-lots, where X — is profit volume(1 InstaForex-lot = 0,1 forex lot)

Also, as per paragraph 6: "The Client agrees that in some cases the Company can ask him/her to replenish his/her account with real funds".

BVI FSC (British Virgin Islands)

Step-by-step guide on how to get a no-deposit bonus

In 2021, no-deposit Forex bonuses with the ability to withdraw profits will require you to exert a minimum of effort to get one. At the same time, some rewards cannot be withdrawn in the future (but most are possible). Some bonuses carry the condition that only the profits gained from the free bonus can be withdrawn. Other no-deposit bonuses require them to be opened only on certain types of accounts or on specific terminals or on specific trading instruments. But we will talk about those later. For now, let’s consider a universal algorithm that will help you obtain a no-deposit Forex bonus.

To get a no-deposit Forex registration bonus:
  • First, choose a broker offering a welcome reward bonus. You can independently look through the official websites of brokers or use the Traders Union rating list, which is regularly updated by the experts of the Union based on a comparative analysis of over 120 indicators.

  • You can register directly on the broker's website, but it is more profitable to register with the Traders Union because in this case, you’ll get a refund of up to 100% of the spread and several other advantages. Technically, the registration process through the Traders Union differs only with the trader following the broker's website using our referral link.

  • On the website of a Forex broker offering a no-deposit bonus, you should study in detail the conditions for obtaining and using welcome rewards. Each brokerage company sets its own conditions and restrictions.

  • Read the terms and conditions and choose the type of no-deposit bonus you prefer. Please note that a broker may offer several welcome rewards at once for different account types and for different trading instruments. After you make your choice, register (and verify, if required) and start trading with your free money.

Please note
that as soon as you have opened your first account with a broker, you can immediately add it to the "Accounts" section of your personal account on the Traders Union website. The Union's specialists will promptly verify and confirm the account so that in the future you can get a spread refund from it.

Be aware that brokers do not pay affiliate fees for no-deposit Forex bonuses with profit withdrawal. That is, you will not obtain a rebate for the bids where the brokerage funds have been used. However, after the first account replenishment, the affiliate reward shall be activated, and the broker will return a part of the spread to the Traders Union and you will get 80% of that paid directly into your Traders Union account.

No-deposit Bonus Modes

No-deposit Bonuses can be divided into several groups or modes. All funds are provided directly by the brokers themselves and no third parties are involved in this process.

It is important to understand that if you started trading with a broker using a no-deposit Forex bonus without replenishing it and for some reason left him, no sanctions will haunt you. But after a while your account will be closed, all funds shall be debited from it, and in the future, you will no longer be able to get a welcome reward if you decide to come back.

Many traders have legitimate concerns about no-deposit Forex bonuses with a withdrawal. They ask themselves: Is this a scam, a trick? What is the benefit to the broker? After all, the broker is taking a risk by providing his funds to a novice trader (albeit small). At the same time, as mentioned above, 80% of novice traders often lose their first deposits. However, the broker genuinely wants you to have the free bonus. In short, among other things, the no-deposit bonus is a promotion and a form of goodwill that all concerned businesses want to spread to bolster their good name in the industry. Also, the broker earns from the successful transactions of its traders, and the more traders, the greater the broker's profit. So, it is beneficial to give a welcome reward, because in the future the broker gets a profit from all traders who used it and later become successful, full-time Forex traders.

Forex No-deposit Bonuses Without Verification

Bonuses without verification are the bonuses of the shared type, where traders register and start trading without a passport, address of registration, or even a phone number verification. Bonuses are credited automatically after opening an account and registration with a broker. As a rule, the value of such a bonus will not exceed $5.

When submitting a withdrawal request, you still need to go through verification.
The no-deposit Forex bonus without verification is the best option for novice traders for two reasons:
  • you must register to get it;

  • the remuneration size does not allow counting on real earnings, but it is enough to make trial bets.

Almost nothing needs to be done to get a bonus and this attracts novice traders to this type of welcome reward. Certainly, a broker takes on real risks, because many traders quickly leave, having wasted the bonus deposit due to inexperience. But those that remain and rise to a professional level bring the broker a considerable profit from their transactions to the mutual benefit of all.

Full withdrawal is possible
You can withdraw not only the profit obtained using the bonus but also the bonus itself
As a rule, the bonus is very small and verification is still required to withdraw it. There may be additional conditions for withdrawal
No possibility of withdrawal
As a rule, the bonus is more than with the withdrawal option, and there are no restrictions on its use
The bonus cannot be withdrawn, but you can withdraw funds won using it
Need to win back in lots
The bonus is substantial and allows (encourages) you to make larger bets
You will not be able to withdraw funds won until you have placed a certain number of lots
The bonus is substantial and allows (encourages) you to make larger bets. Perfect for active traders
Not good for traders with low activity, since the broker retracts the bonus after a while (e.g., 1 month)
Has a limit on the merit value
Allows a novice trader to practice trading with real funds and make some money
You cannot win much with such a bonus, after reaching a certain limit on winnings, a trader can no longer use bonus funds
Restricted by asset type
The bonus is substantial and allows (encourages) you to make larger bets
The bonus shall be applied only to certain trading instruments: e.g., only currency pairs (or even specific pairs)
It requires a subsequent replenishment
As a rule, there are no limits on rates and the bonus is substantial
After reaching certain limits, you must replenish the account to further use the bonus and/or the funds won

No-deposit Forex bonuses without verification are one of the most popular options among novice traders. The simplicity of obtaining the bonuses is its real advantage, and even if these rewards are only temporary and carry restrictions and limits on winning, they get the job done because they provide invaluable practical experience, introduce a particular broker and the trader face-to-face, and allow you to make money on your first deposit, albeit a small one.

Nevertheless, to withdraw funds that were won using the reward, you must verify because brokers must protect themselves from bonus hunters, people who practically do not trade, but try to make money on welcome rewards, and other fraudsters. On the other hand, verification itself is mandatory if you decide to make trading your professional activity because without verification it is impossible to generate tax reports.

Welcome Bonus on Forex

The no replenishment requirement means the client gets a bonus and withdraws profit without replenishing the starting balance. The only nuance of these types of bonuses is the limitation on the amount of profit to be withdrawn, verification, and the execution of the minimum number of lots.

Advantages of no-deposit bonuses without replenishment:
  • Forex bonuses without replenishment is where you can withdraw the profit without replenishing and are popular among novice traders due to the possibility of getting the first profit and experiencing it immediately.

  • If you have traded successfully and were able to get some gain, you can withdraw it to any external wallet, available on the broker’s website.

But one may wonder: what's the purpose of doing that?
There is no point in withdrawing your first winnings from Forex if it is more reasonable to use it to continue trading. However, the vast majority of traders need confidence in the broker they are going to work with; and the possibility of successfully withdrawing the funds serves as a confirmation that the broker fulfills its obligations (by letting you withdraw the funds without delay or another hassle, etc.) to clients and is safe to work with.
Bonuses shall be won back.
You can withdraw the funds won at any time
These are the smallest bonuses
You need to win back a certain number of lots
The bonus is increasing if it does not need to be won back
Funds won with the bonus can only be withdrawn after several bets
You need to win back for a certain time
The bonus is increasing if it does not need to be won back
You have to win a certain amount in a certain time using bonus funds since they will be automatically debited from the account after the specified period
Withdrawal is available
You can withdraw both the bonus and the profits won using the bonus
Small bonuses as a rule
Withdrawal is unavailable
The bonus increases faster than most other types
The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn
Restricted to certain trading instruments
The bonus increases faster than most other types and can be withdrawn
Can only be used with certain instruments: for example, precious metals or cryptocurrencies
With limited winnings
The bonus is big enough, there are no other restrictions
After reaching the limit on the winning funds, the bonus can no longer be used for bets

The main advantage of no-deposit Forex bonuses without replenishment is that they can be used for trading without having to deposit real funds into the account. As with the majority of other welcome reward types, these rewards are not very large and the broker may use some restrictions on them to protect against bonus hunters. However, they serve the primary task because they allow a novice trader to try his hand at the real market and get acquainted with the trading conditions of a particular broker. You can stop cooperation at any time, but note that if you decide to return, the broker will not provide you with a second welcome reward.

Forex Bonuses are Available for Withdrawal

Bonuses without verification are the bonuses of the shared type, where traders register and start trading without a passport, address of registration, or even a phone number verification. Bonuses are credited automatically after opening an account and registration with a broker. As a rule, the value of such a bonus will not exceed $5.

In 2021, a no-deposit Forex bonus with withdrawal is when a trader is not required to make a deposit and the bonus can be withdrawn at any time. The main features of such a bonus are the following:
  • the reward itself and the funds traded with it may be withdrawn in full;

  • you must fulfill the conditions set by the broker to withdraw the reward;

  • as a rule, such remuneration ranges from $4 to $20.

This type of Forex broker bonus allows you to dip your toe into trading, gain unique practical experience, and withdraw not only the winnings but also the reward itself. Professionals gain the opportunity to comprehensively test the broker too, while they also withdraw the welcome reward to verify the efficacy of the broker’s withdrawal policy and the mechanics of the withdrawal procedures.

No withdrawal restrictions
The bonus and the funds traded with it can be withdrawn without any strings attached
The bonus itself is very small ($1-5)
With withdrawal restrictions
The bonus can be considerable (up to $100)
You can withdraw only a certain part of the winnings you got using the bonus (for example, up to $200)
You need to trade a certain number of lots before withdrawing
Medium bonus, no time limit
Withdrawal is possible only after the conditions are met (usually from 1 to 5 lots)
There is a time limit
The bonus is substantial, there are no lots or other restrictions
After a certain time (usually from 7 to 90 days) the bonus is automatically debited from the account
For investment only
Medium bonus, no additional restrictions
Can only be used for broker investment programs
Only for certain trading instruments
Substantial bonus, as a rule – from $20 up
Can be used only with certain instruments: for example, precious metals or cryptocurrencies. Such bonuses are rarely provided for currency pairs.
Additional terms may apply
Medium bonus, no additional restrictions
There could be any type of additional terms: e.g., a Twitter account and broker's blog subscription

No-deposit Forex bonuses with withdrawal have one important feature — the more conditions a broker offers on withdrawals, the more funds they provide. For example, if the funds shall be debited after 7 days and you need to trade at least 5 lots to withdraw a profit, then, most likely, you will be provided with significant funds in an amount from $100.

Sometimes brokers come up with even more interesting matrixes: for example, the funds themselves cannot be withdrawn until the first deposit is made. Then the reward and the profits won with it serve as an extra to the first deposit and all restrictions shall cover the total. The broker’s gambit is that he doesn’t mind giving you the money to “play” with, but he also is keen on keeping you as a client for as long as possible.

No-deposit Bonuses Types

An investment bonus is when bonuses serve as capital for investments in public trading accounts. These funds can be classified as motivating due to the inability to provide you with a huge profit. But they make it possible to test the particular broker’s investment terms and conditions without depositing personal funds. Almost all professional traders are engaged in investing, using this method of earning in addition to direct trading! Such no-deposit Forex bonuses are useful for both novice and professional traders.

Social bonuses are offers and promotions from forums and social networks. Nevertheless, the bonus funds are still used by brokers to solve two of their ongoing problems:
  • create goodwill and a positive image for their brokerage brand;

  • attract and retain new traders.

Traders who are active on several social networks are favored to snag a no-deposit Forex bonus because bonuses are often publicized/advertised on social media sites, in blogs, during podcasts, and in website forums; e.g., a blog of a professional trader providing analytics and telling novice traders about basic strategies, while advertising the broker he works with. The broker encourages him by providing information about exclusive rewards and promotions (sometimes they can only be obtained through a referral link).

All types of rewards have one thing in common: they are insufficient to constitute a stable profit. You will have to invest your own funds for successful trading in the Forex market. Because even if you managed to get a really big reward, let’s say $1,000, the terms of winning it back would be complicated and a major challenge. When the brokerage funds are debited, you will only have those you managed to win during the activation period.

Also, do not forget the statistics aforementioned: 80% of novice traders “spend/lose” their first few deposits. But mostly this is due to their lack of prudence while trading and the amateurish desire to “have it all immediately”. Therefore, if you take a reserved approach to trading while giving yourself time to learn the tools and the market, you can gain important experience and make your first profit using nothing but a no-deposit Forex bonus.

The Most Profitable No-deposit Forex Bonuses

Find the latest information from the most reliable brokerage companies on the Traders Union website. You will discover brokers offering the most profitable welcome rewards. It is easy to start trading with them without worrying. Novice traders can gain valuable experience and professionals can work out a new strategy that will bring them even more profit.

It is more profitable to search for no-deposit Forex bonuses at Traders Union because:
  • Otherwise, you would have to analyze information from dozens and hundreds of sources yourself, which is very time-consuming.

  • At the same time, there are no guarantees that you will find reliable and safe information on third-party sites.

  • All the information provided on the Traders Union website is constantly reviewed and verified by our experts.

  • We regularly analyze the information field of top brokers and select only the most profitable welcome rewards bonus offerings.

Thus, you save a slew of time because the Traders Union professionals have already done the job for you. It is better to spend your time getting to know the broker's software and placing your first lots to start professional trading as soon as possible.

How to Get Profit on Forex Without a Deposit

Bonuses for registration allows people without initial investment to feel like a real trader. This type of no-deposit present has no disadvantages. You can safely use it … and lose it!

The most active users of these tools are novice traders. They get free money on their real account, which they can immediately start trading by making real transactions. This present, which is considered to be an interest-free loan, becomes a trader's asset, subject only to the terms of the broker.

However, to obtain a stable positive trading result, you have to intensify your activity and start trading with your own money.

For example, with a bonus of $10-20, you will hardly earn more than $1-2 per day, but it is quite feasible to practice on it. If, however, you deposit an extra $100-200 to the $10-20, you get a real opportunity to win about $20-30 per day with a moderate betting strategy. Of course, many other factors may affect the outcomes. But in general, it means that a no-deposit Forex bonus alone is not enough for professional trading.

No-deposit Bonuses Offered by Forex Brokers

You can find a list of brokers offering their clients no-deposit rewards on the Traders Union website. Click the corresponding block containing the company logo to read more about the broker. The bonus terms are also listed there, including the name of the bonus and its amount.

If you want to know more, just click on the name of the bonus, and find a detailed description. You will learn:
  • who can get it;

  • how many times you can use the bonus;

  • how to get verified, if needed;

  • whether third parties can get it;

  • how to get a reward and for what period;

  • how to withdraw rewards from your account without restrictions.

Generally, no-deposit bonuses 2021 have a limited activation period. Here you can read about unlimited rewards that can be withdrawn without replenishment of the deposit and even without verification.

We have prepared active and new promotions for visitors to our site and they will be of interest to both novice and professional traders.

Given the competition in the market, brokers are offering more and more attractive promotions. The Traders Union promptly informs our visitors of relevant websites and bonus activities. Stay with us and keep up with the latest brokerage terms and updates!

The Traders Union regularly monitors changes in the Forex financial market. We monitor the news of brokerage companies and reviews by real clients. We created the most important trader's tool, which is a list of reliable brokers that will help to make trading profitable and comfortable.

Risk-free Forex Trading Without Investments | Expert‘s Opinion

Antony Robertson
Traders Union
Financial Analyst

Brokerage companies really care about their clients. This is obvious because the income of Forex brokers consists of a certain fee (commission) of traders registered with brokers. The more transactions you make, the more profit you earn by providing the most comfortable trading conditions on the Forex financial market.

Novice traders enjoy promotions that provide an opportunity to trade without replenishing the deposit. They gain valuable experience and can even earn capital without any initial financial investments and risks. Bonus payments for registration, the so-called welcome bonuses, are very popular. Brokers often offer start-up funds for taking a test or other actions. In 2021, you can get them even without verification.

Professional traders also enjoy free funds. Being active in the financial Forex market, they use no-deposit bonuses to test new Forex trading strategies.

Moreover, many brokers in other ways stimulate the activity of their traders and attract new ones, by publishing promotional offers for no-deposit Forex bonuses in blogs and social networking communities — both on their own and in those belonging to professional traders with whom they cooperate.

If professionals are keen to use bonus stipends, then novice traders should carefully evaluate the potential of welcome rewards. They give a trader a great start, help him to master the software, provide him an opportunity to put into practice basic knowledge, and test his first strategies. However, bonuses do not provide significant profit, even if you act as competently and successfully as possible.

For worthwhile trading, you will need at least $100-200 extra.

The Author of this Article about Best Trading Apps 2021

Grand Adlington
Grant Adlington
  • ● In 2008, he graduated from the London Institute of Banking and Finance, Department of Finance, Investments, and Risk;
  • ● In 2009, he became the youngest trader-analyst at Global Invest;
  • ● In 2010, he became an independent analyst at TD Ameritrade;
  • ● In 2011, he defended his Ph.D. thesis on Economics at the University of California-Berkeley;
  • ● From 2012 to 2018, he worked in various American and International brokerage firms;
  • ● Since 2018, he has worked with the Traders Union as an independent expert and trader as well as with other trader associations as a freelancer;
  • ● He has 12-years of experience in continuous trading in the Forex currency market.


What is a no-deposit Forex bonus?

Brokers offer such awards to traders upon registration and sometimes you don’t even need to verify. You can use brokerage funds for real trading.

What are the types of no-deposit rewards?

There are a lot of them. Some can be withdrawn, and some cannot. Some have restrictions on the profit amount, on the activation period, or on the trading instruments.

Which no-deposit Forex bonus is the most profitable?

It depends on the trader's goals because, for example, there are strictly investment rewards, and there are those that can be used only for cryptocurrencies. Find the best ones for you in this section.

Is it possible to make good money using no-deposit bonuses?

No. They are perfect for training, as well as getting to know the software and conditions of the broker. Profit from them rarely exceeds $1-2 per day. Make at least a small deposit to increase your profit.