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Orsho 19.02.2019
Not to notice HQBroker is difficult, I also drew attention to them. I read HQBroker reviews. terms of trade interested me. Usually traders are looking for broker companies only if, where they are already trading, financial results are not satisfied, but this is not my case. I just did not like spreads there. Therefore, I drew attention to HQBroker, their spreads are half lower than those of my previous company. Starting to trade with a new company was exciting. It was not clear what to expect from them. But time decided everything for me. I have been trading for 2 months, but everything is quiet and calm, I do not suffer from spreads. This is really a great advantage for QH, but on the whole I'm satisfied with the broker, there are no complaints about them at all.
tricky 15.02.2019
My current income became for me a measure of the reliability of a broker. In general, the word reliable is not quite suitable for describing this broker - the word honest is more appropriate. During the HQbroker trade, they behaved exactly as an honest company, in withdrawing everything was seriously, the platform works with no freezes, I don’t know how it really is.
Ricardo 14.02.2019
The starting deposit is just one where you can earn at least something, I even agree with the company on this - if you want to trade profitably, then start with investments. What is the sense to trade for 100$ with the manager, if one mistake can cost you all the deposit. It's quite expected, obviously, but in eyes of a trader, a manager will be fault. The small deposit has no future . But 250$ is a completely different thing, although this amount will not help you at all, but it is much safer to trade. As long as I trade on the minimum deposit, the manager is cautious, I like it, the platform is excellent - this is my first impression
Serpent 13.02.2019
Trading in itself isn't very stable and profitable, ten percent of the investment may be optimal earnings, but if you take it globally, many won't even work out their deposits in their lives. Thus concluding that forex isn't a very reliable investment. But this doesn't really repel people like me. I made a decision not to invest more than 1000 in Forex. This isn't my first attempt to invest my money somewhere, but in the last company I had a deposit, which was stolen by yhe broker, but who can you prove. I'm here because of the reviews I've seen, they say that HQbroker is working stably. I was initially looking for it.
Thor 11.02.2019
Judging by HQbroker reviews, all brokers are checked with withdrawals. I was also interested in this, although a manager claimed that I could withdraw at any convenient time, but in order to make sure of that, I didn’t postpone for a long time. The result of two weeks of trading with the manager was $ 78, withdrew $60 to the card. I was waiting for three days, all according to the regulations. So I will continue to trade with the manager
Pandora 08.02.2019
I’m not really in the habit of sharing my trading experience but it's different here. HQbroker has literally won me over with its transparency and unobtrusiveness.
With its optimal trading conditions, fulfillment of the obligations, admirable trading system.
I can do everything what I want, nothing prevents me to gain the profit. Of course I have necessary skills but sometimes I ask for broker’s help and it helps me.

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