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What is forex rebate? Earn more with Best Forex Cashback Rebate

February 2021

It is possible to get 100% of the spread amount in a rebate!

Have you ever thought about how to trade on Forex even more profitably? And we don’t mean improving your knowledge, gaining experience (although they’re very important as well). We are talking about a rebate or spread compensation, which every trader can get, regardless of his experience or the results of transactions. And it's free! In this review, we will tell you about rebates, how they work, what are the benefits of rebates for all participants in the scheme, how to register and start getting a rebate, and much more. This will interest you and your wallet!


What is a Forex rebate (cashback)?

A rebate (Forex rebate, spread cashback) is a discount realized by the partial return of the commission and/or spread to the trader. A broker is an intermediary in the Forex market that facilitates a trader's directive to buy or sell an asset on the external international Forex market; and for performing that task, he charges the trader a commission on the spread. Regardless of whether the transaction was successful or not, the broker may often return part of the spread back to the trader's account — directly or through a rebate service, such as Traders Union.

The rebate can be fixed (in US dollars with pegging to trade turnover) or relative (expressed as a percentage of turnover). Payments in the form of rebates can be credited to the trader's account either daily, weekly, or monthly.

How does it work?

In general, the rebate system involves three participants: a broker; a rebate service (Traders Union), and a trader. It operates as follows. The trader must register on the rebate service website and go through an identification process. Then open an account with a partner broker, make a deposit, connect the broker's personal accounts and the rebate service, conduct some trades, and get a payment for every transaction, even if it was not profitable.

  • 1. You are trade on Forex and pay a broker a commission

  • 2. Traders Union gets a reward from the broker for each of your transactions

  • 3. You may get up to 100% of the spread returned to you in the form of a rebate

How to get a Forex rebate?

Follow these steps to get a rebate:

  • 1

    Register with the Traders Union rebate service here. Read more about registration below.

  • 2

    Read more about various brokers on Traders Union and learn about: their trading conditions, opportunities, and rebate conditions. You can also read dozens of reviews on brokers.

  • 3

    Choose one or several brokers and register with it; open a trading account; go through verification; and replenish the deposit.

  • 4

    Enter your trading account number in the "Accounts" section in the Traders Union personal area.

  • 5

    Open transactions and get compensation based on the terms of the rebate service.

After the account is connected to your personal account at the Traders Union, feel free to confirm with Traders Union’s support staff that everything was done properly and correctly and whether your rebate will be credited to you.

You can get up to 100% of the spread when trading with Traders Union

You can calculate the approximate amount of your income and rebates by using TU’s “Income Calculator” service if you have already chosen a brokerage on Forex.

Then, answer a few questions about the trading parameters you will be using and you’ll find out how much profit you can make with Traders Union.

If you already have an account with some Forex broker, then in order to receive payments from the IAFT, you will have to spend a little time and reopen it. Because we only pay for accounts opened through our website.

Account reopening instructions

How does your rebate benefit your broker?

One of the most frequently asked questions is "Why would a broker share part of his profits with a trader?" For a broker, a rebate is a marketing tool that allows you to:

  • Increase the number of new clients and inspire traders who have already become clients to extend their trading volumes. Partially compensated costs can be reinvested by a trader during future trades. Or, conceiving that part of the spread will be compensated by a future rebate, traders use venture tactics, where the spread takes a high proportion of the income (for example, scalping).

  • This will inspire the trader to work with all asset types on the broker’s platform. For example, the broker may offer more favorable conditions for returning part of the spread for exotic pairs with increased volatility. In the same way, the broker can slightly push the trader to improve his knowledge and open a professional ECN account with more favorable rebate conditions.

  • Maintain loyalty with the broker and his partners.

  • Repeat business by the trader.

Also, if brokers reduce the spread for a trader, a trader will tend to it to minimize the broker’s commission “as a matter of course”. The rebate can also serve as a small consolation prize that a trader gets in case of an unprofitable trade.

Another reason for brokers to work with rebate services is the so-called outsourcing. For reasons far beyond my understanding, the broker is incapable of reaching the clients captured in different regions of the world (due to the absence of representative offices or a language problem, etc.). Therefore, the broker is ready to share his commission with a more powerfully positioned rebate service.

How does the Traders Union work and make money from rebates?

Traders Union brings active traders to the broker and they make trading turnovers on a real account and pay the broker a commission for intermediary services regardless of the results of transactions. The broker pays to the Traders Union rebate service as part of the commission paid by the trader as a bonus for each active trader attracted. Therefore, Traders Union pays the trader up to 100% of its commission (affiliate payments). The compensation amount depends on the trading volumes and the broker’s conditions.


Assume that the trader paid the broker a spread of $40, 50% of which the broker pays to the Traders Union. From that $20, Traders Union returns 80% to the trader. Result: broker gets a commission for $20 and an active loyal client; Traders Union earned $4. The trader got paid $16 cashback in the form of a rebate, so his actual/real trading costs were not $40, but $24. Everybody is happy!

Read about the Traders Union work scheme here.

Advantages Traders Union rebate service

Advantages Traders Union rebate service
  • Traders Union promises honesty, responsibility, and an individual approach to each customer. We’ll give you a quick return-on-spread and the best rebate conditions. You can get up to 100% spread with Traders Union.

  • The best spread payment conditions. You get access to special additional conditions available only to Traders Union clients. You will spend even less on trading!

  • Continuously update rating of the best partner brokers who have been working on the currency and stock markets of Europe and the World for years.

  • Customer support twenty-four/seven. Our own legal service shall represent your interests in case of disputes with the broker.

  • We offer you a two-level affiliate program as an opportunity for additional passive income for Traders Union clients.

Plus, each Traders Union client gets free access to contests, promotional offers of brokers, thousands of analytical articles, and reviews. You’ll easily pass from a novice trader to a professional trader with such an arsenal!

Broker Types of accounts Spread Minimum deposit Leverage
Exness Standard, Standard Cent, Standard_Social, Standard Plus, Pro_Social from 0.1 p 1$ from 1:100
to 1:2000
Forex4you ProSTP, Cent NDD, Classic NDD from 0 points 1$ from 1:10
to 1:500
RoboForex Pro-Standard, Pro-Cent, ECN-Pro, RAMM from 0 points 1$ from 1:200
to 1:500

How to register a Forex broker’s account with Traders Union?

Registration takes a maximum of 15 minutes:

  • 1

    Click the "Register" button on the Traders Union website and follow the instructions.

    Register on the Traders Union website
  • 2

    Select the broker you are interested in on the Traders Union website and follow the link to open its website. Register with the broker and go through the verification process.

    Select the broker you are interested in on the Traders Union website
  • 3

    Enter the number of the open trading account with a broker in the Traders Union personal account in the “Accounts” section.



  • How to calculate the compensation amount?

    Each broker has its own conditions, depending on the type of account and the turnover carried out on it. Read more about the conditions of all brokers in the summary table on the website of the International Forex Traders Union. Use the calculator to quickly calculate the amount of rebate.

  • Is it possible to get compensation for several accounts at the same time?

    Yes. The compensation depends on the conducted turnovers exclusively, regardless of the number of accounts and brokers.

  • How can I use the spread paid back to me?

    Any way you wish. Unlike accrued bonuses, rebates belong to you and are real — not virtual — money. You can either trade with it again or withdraw it.

  • Where do I go to discuss problems with the rebate?

    First, carefully read the agreement regarding spread rebates. Pay attention to the paragraphs where the procedure for rebates is indicated. Next, ask for help from the Traders Union support services. The Traders Union will either help resolve the issue or forward it to the broker.