Forex spread return

Get up to 100% of a part of the spread!
Anyone familiar with the foreign exchange market and its operations knows that making transactions traders have to pay a certain amount of money that any brokerage company charges for its legal services.
Everything you need to know about a spread:
What is a spread?
Forex spread return through Rebate service
How to choose spread return service
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You trade on Forex
and pay your broker
a fee
We receive remuneration
from your broker for each
transaction you made
You get
up to 100%
of a spread
What is a spread?

The word “rebate” was drawn from the English language and means returning of a certain part of the cost of commodity or service to a buyer. A spread is the commission, which is set by a broker for the transactions made by a trader. The amount of this commission varies depending on the conditions this broker sets, and may range from a couple of points to several dozen points.

The daily number of operations performed on Forex is in the thousands. Each operation brings brokers some commission, which eventually forms a considerable sum – this is what is called income of the market intermediaries.

It’s worth noting that traders spend a significant part of their funds to cover this commissions, that might have somehow casted a shadow over the trading activities of the market’s players, if it weren’t for this unique opportunity to return some part of money spent. Such “bonus” is offered by special services benefiting hundreds and thousands of traders all over the world.

How much will I earn with IAFT

IAFT makes maximum spread rebate possible on Forex market. Let’s say you work with a company that pays our Association 20 US dollars of the partner fee for every transaction, and IAFT, in its turn, gives you 100% rebate. If you open a 2- lots-transaction, we accordingly will charge your balance in our Association with 40 US dollars upon this transactions closure.

Or, for example, if throughout five days you perform one 1-lot-transaction per day – it means that you will receive from us 100 US dollars on your balance in IAFT. We pay you for each transaction on Forex market, even if this transaction is loss-making! The more transactions you open, the higher amount will be charged on your balance! Working with our Association you can get some additional profit without any risks!

100% spread return has become a reality with IAFT

If you have already chosen a broker to work with on Forex market, then you can calculate the amount of your approximate profit in our Association by using “Profit Calculator” service. Please, answer several simple questions, indicate necessary trading parameters and you will know how much you can earn cooperating with IAFT.

Forex spread return through spread rebate service

Rebate services – are such organizations that provide a possibility to return spreads. The working principle of such companies is quite simple. Brokers, cooperating with rebate-companies, provide market players with their services not directly, but through these organizations.

Traders, looking for intermediaries to perform their operations on Forex, turn to rebate services, which offer cooperation with numerous brokerage companies. A broker will pay you remuneration for each attracted customer – a part of the commission taken from the trader you attracted. The company that returns a spread gives a part of the remuneration received from a broker to a customer.

The size of the additional profit, which may increase trader’s capital, depends on several factors. The number of transactions – is one of them. Thus, the more operations you carry out, the higher commission you recover.

It’s worth remembering that different rebate services offer different interest on spread return, and brokers pay this services different interests from their income (some of them pay up to 70%, others – not more than 20%).

IAFT rebate service
How to choose Forex cashback rebate service?

Nowadays, the whole Internet is full of organizations offering their spread return services. But how can we choose the one that will work with integrity and high-quality?

In this case experienced traders recommend paying special attention to the following factors:

  • Dealing Center that company cooperates with;
  • Proposals on spread payouts;
  • Company’s duration;
  • Servicing and technical support;
  • Additional services;
  • Actions;
  • Contests.

It should be borne in mind that any high-quality service which provides spread returns, cooperates exclusively with regulated brokerage companies. It’s further recommended that when choosing a service you compare the conditions it offers with the conditions of other similar companies on Forex market. After choosing a certain company, it definitely wouldn’t be superfluous to pay attention to the quality of the technical support it provides, to contact its specialists and to browse this company’s web-site, the state of which may also give an opportunity to draw decisive conclusions.

International Association of Forex Traders is one of the most reliable Forex rebate service. We proudly point out the following key advantages of IAFT:

  • Cooperation with time-proven and high-qualified brokers only;
  • Professional customer support service;
  • No-cost legal support and guaranteed return of a part of the spread even when transactions are loss-making.

Cooperation with rebate services gives a possibility not only to increase your capital through the spread return, but also to carry out your trading under favorable and reliable conditions. Bear in mind that cooperation with us would take advantage of the free-of-charge legal consultations.

International Association of Forex Traders
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