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Bloomberg ( Review 2021

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Features of the company:

Provides paid software for professional and corporate investors

Bloomberg is a full-fledged information resource targeted at traders and investors, large international banks, and brokerage companies. Its global headquarters is in New York City

When you go to the main page of the site, a news review opens with tabs for: Politics, Economics, Markets (stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies), and Expert Opinions.

The website has several versions with an emphasis on the main world’s major economic zones such as: Europe, the United States, Japan, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

? Advantages of Bloomberg:

  • • wide coverage of all areas related to finance;

  • • the possibility of a versatile assessment of instruments from the standpoint of fundamental and technical analyses, as well as the opinions of financial experts;

  • • free access to the main part of information services;

  • • regional zones determine the information shared;

  • • market research can be combined with viewing news for your country and the world as a whole;

  • • the information is well organized;

  • • there is a mobile version of the site.

? Disadvantages of Bloomberg:

  • • there is a certain bias of the publishing house regarding political matters as seen through a USA filter;

  • • without knowing one of the supported languages, you will have to use an online translator.


Based on information from Bloomberg, independent daily monitoring of the potential of various instruments in the global financial markets is possible. Such an assessment will be multifold in terms of fundamental and technical analyses. The site is intuitively simple, so even a person without experience can get all the necessary information while spending minimal time.

Bloomberg services

The Bloomberg website is streamlined and has a well-thought-out menu. For the convenience of users, quick links for popular queries are highlighted with separate icons at the top of the page. The resource provides a feed of quotes for stock indices, futures, major currency pairs, precious metals, and oil. The menu function in the upper left of the screen makes it easy to find the desired section, there is also a standard search engine.

The website offers a wide range of useful services, such as a full-fledged news feed and quotes feed, BTV+, and Bloomberg Professional Services, which comprises news, analytics, subscriptions for professionals, and access to install/update the Bloomberg Terminal trading platform, customer support, and special messenger for communication. The following takes a closer look at each of them.


Bloomberg Review - Quotes

At the top of the site page, there is a moving streamer with quotes for the world's major financial and commodity indices, currency pairs, and precious metals. For convenient learning, there is a pause button that stops the movement of the streamer on the desired asset. They are:

  • futures on the S&P 500 and Dow Jones (USA) - major companies whose shares are traded on the US stock exchanges;

  • stock indices: EURO Stoxx 50 (50 largest European companies), FTSE 100 (Great Britain), DAX INDEX (Germany), NIKKEI 225 (Japan), Shanghai Composite (China), S&P 500 (largest companies in the US market, not to be confused with futures), RUSSELL 2000 (two thousand US companies with small capitalization, a benchmark for mutual funds);

  • dollar index - the ratio of USD to a basket of six major currencies;

  • dollar rates against the EURO and the Japanese yen;

  • the price of gold;

  • Bloomberg Barclays Global General Bond Index;

  • futures for WTI and Brent crude oil.


BTV+ is its own media division: analytics with videos and articles on economics and business, and news from the company itself. Unfortunately, subscription to most of the topics presented requires a subscription payment.

Bloomberg Review - BTV+

Bloomberg Professional Services

Bloomberg Professional Services is a resource for professionals. This is one of the oldest services of the company and full access to its content requires a paid subscription. Here you can get analytical calculations on financial markets and trading instruments based on expert opinions. Articles on the topic of economics are also available. There is a division into regional blocks and directions. An online chat support service is also provided. There is a demo version for free testing of the Bloomberg Terminal. To order it, you need to fill out the form on the website.

Paid subscriptions available:

· Bloomberg ANYWHERE - professional analytics + full mobile version;

· Bloomberg vault - risk assessment when working with financial instruments;

· Bloomberg vault LEI - an information portal for companies and legal entities;

· Post-trading services - assistance in creating and executing orders, conducting related calculations.

You can also sign up for online training webinars here.

Bloomberg Review - Bloomberg professional services

Main news feed

The news feed is available for free and is displayed on the main page of the site. Here you can select your region of interest for relevant information. The news content is divided into blocks, such as:

· politics;

· economy;

· expert opinions and quotes;

· major events in the world;

· forecasts for trading instruments (including cryptocurrencies).

Also, the site evaluates the user's location and provides news for a specific country.

Bloomberg Review - News feed

Customer support

Customer service representatives provide customer support in English only. In this section, you may find the answers to typical questions from the proposed lists. Full 24/7 access is available with a paid subscription to Bloomberg services.

Bloomberg Review - Customer support

Special messenger for communication

This service is an addition to the functionality of the support service when working at the Bloomberg Terminal. The chat is in English.

Bloomberg Review - Messenger

Comparison of Bloomberg with other companies

Bloomberg ranks among the best information and analytical resources in the world. The popularity of the site among private traders and investors, as well as corporate clients represented by large companies in the financial sector, is explained by the availability of a large number of useful services for conducting a detailed analysis of the currency and stock markets.

We compared the functionality of Bloomberg and other popular information resources. The results can be found in the table below.

Bloomberg StockTwits TradingView










Forex news





Brokers rankings





Additional toolkit





Promotions and bonuses











Bloomberg is a news and analytical resource used by both private traders and professional market participants in their trading activities. The site's functionality opens up ample opportunities for users’ analysis. However, in comparison with some competitors, it still cannot be considered as complete, informative, and universal.

Detailed review of

The company's website makes it possible to assess the potential of all major financial markets and their impact on each other. The replete services offered by Bloomberg are not limited to economic reviews, which are based on fundamental analysis. The world's political processes are also taken into account. In addition to text news, reviews are available in video format.

As additional help, users of the site can take advantage of the advice of expert analysts from around the world. A significant part of the information is provided free of charge, the rest of the data is by subscription at a convenient price range. For the convenience of the user, regional adaptation is prominent. For trading, technical analysis tools are available, as well as real-time quotes and reviews that are broken down by the main world trading sites.

Bloomberg is a time-tested analytical and news resource for analyzing financial markets

A paid subscription provides the user with advanced options and opens up additional professional services. They are primarily targeted at large professional investors, banks, funds, and legal entities (asset diversification, risk hedging, etc.).

Before starting work, there is an opportunity to take an online course of webinars. The preparation of the training program simplifies the provided site filter: the choice of the main direction of trading or investment is carried out based on related areas of the economy. If necessary, you can get expert advice on compiling your own training video course. The main language of the webinars is English, but there are materials in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean.

Useful Bloomberg Services:

  • a full-fledged news feed and a feed of quotes - an overview of world economic events and the dynamics of instruments in real-time;

  • BTV+ - news videos;

  • Bloomberg Professional Services - a selection of news by region and trading market for professionals, analysts’ articles, subscriptions to additional specialized information resources of the company, access to the installation/update of the Bloomberg Terminal trading platform.

? Advantages:

  • • the efficiency of providing all-around information in real-time;

  • • the possibility of regional adaptation of news;

  • • a selection of analytics in the desired regions is available;

  • • training in various languages.

How to get started on the platform - a guide for traders

Registration on the site is intuitively simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. In the form, you must specify your email address (it will also be used as a login) and create a password. Next, you must verify the email you provided by clicking on the link in the email. The system will automatically send a message to the specified email address.

You should know that the terminal is a service aimed at professionals, so you should not rush to register. It is better to spend some time learning the pages of the site and ordering a demo version of the Bloomberg Terminal platform. After testing the demo terminal, you can register on the website and buy access to the full functionality. Bloomberg specialists will help you to install and configure the program. Potential users should take into account the following features of the terminal:

  • paid program - subscription price is $2000 per month;

  • the platform's functionality is huge, but at the same time it is more difficult to use than the tools of standard Forex platforms;

  • the terminal is more suitable for the global work of corporations in multitasking mode than for everyday trading.

The platform is designed for large investors and simultaneous work with a large number of tools for organizing information. The main use of the site for ordinary trading on the currency or stock market is its information content. Even free use gives a full picture of economic and political events in the world, allowing you to comprehensively learn any of the financial markets.

Bloomberg affiliate program

  • Bloomberg has no affiliate programs.

Bonuses paid by Bloomberg

From time to time, Bloomberg has offers to subscribe to the company's services at a discount:

  • package "Digital" - $1.99 per month ($34.99 charged to your card monthly after 3 month introductory offer) or $290 per year($415 charged to your card annually after 1 year introductory offer.);

  • full access to all services - $1.99 per month ($39.99 charged to your card monthly after 3 month introductory offer) or $330 per year ($475 charged to your card annually after 1 year introductory offer).

Bloomberg's current offers should be monitored on the company's website. At the end of the offer, the subscription price will be $415 for both options (after three months or after the first year of use for new customers participating in this special offer).

Education on trading basics

To teach the basics of trading, the company offers a large number of online webinars in various areas of the global financial markets. You can choose the language of the lessons, but the number of available videos depends on this. toolkit

The tool for working with is the Bloomberg Terminal trading platform, which provides access to major trading platforms and advanced analytics. The terminal is provided on a paid basis. Therefore, it is popular primarily among corporate investors and large market participants such as banks, and investment funds, etc. Also, the platform is quite difficult to manage and has several branches and additional sites. The company's specialists provide technical support to customers, which helps to simplify your work. For the convenience of subscribers, represented by large companies, it is possible to use the terminal by all employees collectively in two ways: several users from one device or general access for everyone from different devices from one corporate account.

Bloomberg Toolkit - Terminal

The following additional facilities are provided within the main interface:

  • FXGO - currency;

  • FIT - fixed income instruments (for example, bonds);

  • CMET - commodities;

  • BMTF - credit default swaps and interest rates;

  • Bloomberg SEF is a multifunctional swap management application that allows you to work with many different assets simultaneously;

  • EMSX - stocks of companies in the stock markets, options and futures, ETFs, plus built-in real-time analytics and transaction cost estimation (BTCA);

  • AIM - analytics for portfolio trading;

  • TOMS - helps to optimize workflow, primarily for corporations with a wide range of activities;

  • trade book - collection, storage, and ordering of significant amounts of information.

The terminal is available in multiple languages. - Personal account

To start working with the tools offered via the terminal, you must perform the following steps:

  • 1

    Download the program on a PC or install the mobile version. Review - Personal Account
  • 2

    Pay for using the terminal: the cost is $2000 per month or $1600 per month if two or more terminals are used.

    Bloomberg Review - Terminal fee
  • 3

    Learn the main proposed functionality. To simplify the use of the system it has a smart search that permits you to seek data using a name.

    Bloomberg Review - Smart Search
  • 4

    Select the desired direction of the upcoming work and related analytical services. The navigation of the program is based on four special panels, each of which is divided into four sections, which allows you to work in multitasking mode.

    Bloomberg Review - Analytical services

    The loaded securities or currency pairs are displayed on the left side of the screen. On the right, there are Excel data entry icons, help, and on-screen settings. There is a command-line that allows you to search for the information and tools you need, and also opens access to them.

    Bloomberg Review - Menu and settings

    Available terminal functionality:

    · access to quotes for all major financial markets is in real-time;

    · building charts of selected instruments;

    · history of quotes and dynamics in charts with the ability to download them in Excel format;

    · fundamental analysis - the main macroeconomic indicators for countries and individual companies;

    · archived data on annual reporting by companies;

    · forecasts of expert analysts in all areas: exchange rates relative to each other, dynamics of economic indicators of companies, and their reporting;

    · market news feed;

    · technical analysis tools - a wide variety of indicators;

    · chat to exchange information with other terminal users;

    · placing and deleting, editing orders, commands for making trades;

    · access to the trading book;

    · access to the main trading sites.

    After mastering the Bloomberg Terminal control panel and understanding its functionality in accordance with the chosen direction, you can start working.


Phone Numbers:

1-212-318-2000, +44 20 7330 7500, +65 6212 1000


No data


731 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10022 United States

Bloomberg ( reviews

I registered on Bloomberg about a year ago. I singled out a couple of negative points by myself. For example, the site is biased in its news coverage of political events that involve the United States, but it is not critical. Everything is within the bounds of reason. However, global financial news is covered in great detail. Also, they always have amazing guest speakers and excellent economic reviews. Another good point is frequent interviews with high-level executives or others with up-to-date and interesting opinions on the economy and the financial world. I give them a solid five for their analytical reviews.

Anthony Charles, trader


I often have Bloomberg TV running all day on the computer I use for trading. I consider their news feed one of the best, at least for myself, I haven’t found a worthy alternative yet. Still, Bloomberg has two additional significant drawbacks. First, news often arrives late. For example, I see the impact of major events on price charts BEFORE there is an explanation of what is happening on the site. Secondly, there is too much advertising. This is annoying because I pay for a subscription, so I shouldn't see information I don't need! Of course, I will continue to use Bloomberg, because the site still has useful and high-quality content, as well as competent analysts.

Harry O’Connor, investor

City of Chicago

Bloomberg's monthly subscription is very difficult to cancel. The company does not have a hotline, so you need to unsubscribe manually. For several months, my request was ignored, and continued to withdraw money from the card. But their main problem, why I decided to unsubscribe, is the selective publication of news. For example, the site has a lot of information about the Indian economy, but there is very little news about China, whose indicator is much higher. For traders who trade on Forex, site data may not be enough. For instance, provides broker ratings, whereas, Bloomberg does not.

Anne Preston, trader


Expert review of

The Bloomberg website and terminal contains many useful economic and analytical data, including financial reports, market prices, real-time news, research reports, etc. Users may not only get detailed information on the selected types of securities but also compare them by exporting data directly to Excel.

Bloomberg Terminal software is one of the most powerful financial analysis services in the market. The platform's functionality allows you to compare many companies operating in the capital market, as well as derivatives, futures, and options. Of course, the quality of services affects the price, which is why a subscription to Bloomberg Professional is one of the most expensive among such services for monitoring financial markets.

Annabel Walsh,

financial analyst


Is’s data reliable?

Yes. Quotes, rates, news, and analytical reviews that are published on the site are updated in real-time. Bloomberg is aimed at professional traders; therefore, it supplies licensed data from the largest media agencies in the world. At the same time, making investment decisions cannot be based on the analysis of information from one resource, it is necessary to analyze data from several sites in a complex.

Does Bloomberg require a subscription fee?

If we are talking about an information site - it isn’t. Any visitor to the site can view news and quotes in the feed, even without registration. However, a paid subscription allows you to access an additional set of analytical tools and services. Bloomberg Terminal is a paid professional trading platform. At the same time, upon request, the company provides free access to the demo version of the terminal.

Is for professionals only?

No, it isn’t. A Bloomberg terminal has been developed for professional investors. The platform itself is an open information resource and an analytical platform that is useful to traders with any trading experience or even none at all. People who are far from investing can also subscribe to updates to stay up-to-date with the latest economic, political and financial news.