Trader’s Reward

The International Association of Forex Traders provides profitable and transparent conditions for traders who will receive their deserved reward with us.

Ask yourself: how often do you overpay for spreads? The answer is obvious – almost all the time! That’s why we took care of the problem and made it possible for you to get the rebate in the amount of 60% of the part of spread on every transaction, no matter if it's profitable or not.

Each member of the Association who signs up with a dealing center or a broker company through our organization is guaranteed to receive 60% of the part of spread paid by the financial organizations to us for every transaction you perform.

It's all simple – you trade and receive a bonus in the form of a partially rebated spread.

The more transactions – the bigger the reward!

Besides, you get the most beneficial trading conditions, you cooperate only with honest and reliable companies and increase your professional level.

The International Association of Forex Traders:
every new member is another happy trader!

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