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Wondering which are the best CFD brokers in 2021? This article contains all of the information that will help guide the decision-making process.

It’s possible to refer to CFDs as financial instruments that are critical to a trader’s portfolio. But, how does the whole system work? Basically, experts calculate profit and losses by comparing the differences in price that exist between when traders enter and exit a contract.

Essentially, brokers will pay these differences depending on whether or not traders make a profit. If it’s a loss, the trader has to pay the broker the difference in prices.

For beginners to CFD trading, this can all seem like a complicated process. However, the choice of a CFD broker can make trading a seamless process. This is a choice traders will find easier after reading this comprehensive guide. Keep reading to find out the best CFD brokers in 2021.

Best CFD Brokers in 2021

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TOP 3 CFD Brokers in 2021

  • This is one of the largest online networks available for social investment. Furthermore, it’s a rapidly developing brand in the area of online CFD trading and other investments.

    Today, there are over 4 million traders that choose to work with the eToro trading company. In fact, these traders come from over 140 different countries.

    With eToro, traders can rest easy knowing they’re dealing with a reliable company. This CFD broker is under the regulation of the FCA and CySEC authorities. Even with a quick check of online reviews, it’s easy to determine the reliability and integrity of this trading partner.

  • XM broker is a company that has been making positive waves in the Forex and CFD markets since 2009. Today, they have over a million active customers making them a powerhouse in the world of online CFD and forex traders.

    For traders wondering which are the top CFD brokers in 2021? Well, this company is one of them. It’s an industry leader that has over 120 different specialists in its employ.

  • IG Markets claim it’s the world-leading provider of CFD trading services. Traders won’t find many reviews or experts that disagree with this school of thought.

    For starters, millions of brokers from around the world trust IG Markets. The appeal of this CFD broker is in its strict regulation and supervision. The company is evaluated by a host of local bodies, including the UK FCA, the US CFTC, and NFA, the Singapore MAS, and the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

As one of the top CFD brokers in 2021, traders can expect the best level of service. They offer advanced trading options to foster a long-term business relationship.

Best CFD Brokers in 2021 Details

In the last section, we briefly introduce the best CFD brokers in 2021. Over the next few sections, we’ll go into the details of their services.

  • 1


    EToro’s primary goal is to provide customers with comfortable, accessible trading tech. Hence, they can play in the international financial markets seamlessly. To this end, the company’s staff work diligently to ensure this dream is a possibility.

    They have a one of a kind trading system that is available to traders from all around the world. With this feature, traders and customers can communicate with others who share the same passion around the world. It also offers more. Customers can track transactions and copy actions from professionals seamlessly. Finally, it’s possible to carry out individual trading too.

    Another detail customers will need is the kind of investment companies eToro works with. This CFD broker collaborates with powerhouses such as Sberbank, Commerzbank, and PingAn. To cap it off, they have foreign offices in Israel, Great Britain, Cyprus, and China.

    CFDs on eToro

    CFDs on eToro

  • 2

    XM Broker

    XM uses segregated accounts to secure customer’s funds fully. There is also a unique feature that protects against a negative balance. Therefore, CFD traders can't lose more than they have in their accounts. With XM, the whole trading process happens on platforms such as WebTrader and MetaTrader.

    As one of the top trading platforms, XM offers a lot. First, they execute orders with minimum delays and zero requotes. For those who worry about safety guarantees, there are zero withdrawal issues with this platform.

    Furthermore, XM is a broker that follows the latest financial trends to make life easier for CFD traders. This includes top-notch execution of trading orders, tight spreads and more.

    In terms of reputation, XM is one of the best around. They comply with all business standards, have zero legislation violations, and display complete transparency under trading conditions.

    CFD with XM Broker

    CFD with XM Broker

  • 3

    IG Markets

    To ensure they provide the highest level of services, IG Markets affiliates itself with the FX Global Code of Conduct. Hence, traders can expect that they follow accredited guidelines for best CFD trading practices.

    An important detail to know is that traders can choose to trade using mobile applications or PC versions. Also, IG Markets offers the use of automated platforms like ProRealTime and MetaTrader 4.

    Trade CFD with IG

    Trade CFD with IG

TOP 3 CFD Brokers comparison

Here we compare the top-selling points of each of the best CFD brokers of 2021.

  • EToro

    With eToro, users can expect to enjoy the following:

    • Fixed spread level

    • A direct link with the financial markets

    • Zero commissions and agents.

    • Superfast execution speed on all trading operations. This is due to the use of STP and NDD tech.

    Another useful advantage of this broker is that it regularly organizes different educational programs and webinars for traders. Typically, the first lesson is always free of charge.

    Also, experienced traders can take advantage of its “Popular Investor” program. This program is for experienced traders whose moves are copied by beginners. Depending on the number of copies, experienced traders can earn up to 2% per annum on assets managed. They can also get back a spread that sits anywhere from 10% to 100%.

  • XM Broker

    Some of the standout features of XM include its 25 payment systems and 16 different trading platforms. They also have 24-hour customer service on every working day. Here are the finer points traders should know:

    • Trading platforms: MT4/MT5 (PC, MAC, Smartphones, and tablets) MT4 Multiterminal

    • Trading accounts: “XM” Demo account; “XM” Micro account; “XM” Standard account; “XM” Zero account; “XM” Islamic account;

    • Deposit currency: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD, RUB

    • Minimum deposit: 5$

    • Leverage: From 1:1 to 1:888 (This Leverage does not apply to all the Entities of the Group. Leverage depends on the financial instrument traded).

  • IG Markets

    Compared to the other best CFD trading platforms on this list, IG Markets is a world leader. They’re trusted and regulated, offer friendly support, and are committed to making trading easier for clients.

    They offer the following:

    • Trading platform: MetaTrader 4, ProRealTime, Web platform,Trading apps

    • Account Type: Real, Demo

    • Deposit currency: USD

    • Money Deposit/Withdrawal: Bank transfer, Credit/Debit card, Electronic wallets

    • Minimal deposit: 300 USD

    • Leverage max 1:200

How to Choose the Best CFD Broker?

Wondering how to pick the best CFD broker in 2021? Several factors can make this process easy for you:

  • Range (Trading Instruments)

    Traders will want to select a platform that allows for investments in different financial markets.

  • Types of Trading Accounts

    A great broker offers different types of accounts with attractive benefits. Such benefits may include higher protection, greater leverage, more spread, etc.

  • Spreads

    Typically, the best option is to choose a broker that offers the lowest spreads. However, this shouldn’t be the main determining factor. Instead, juxtapose it with the other essential factors we discuss in this section.

  • Quality for Order Execution Quality

    A useful feature to look out for in a broker is having orders executed precisely at the asking price.

  • Trading Platform

    Finally, traders must invest in a trading platform they’re comfortable with. Verify the trading platform before signing up with a CFD broker.

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During his time as an analyst, he has worked with several clients. His years of experience in the field led him to want to share

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FAQ regarding the best CFD Brokers

Below are answers to some common questions about using CFD brokers on Traders Union:

How to choose the best CFD broker with Traders Union?

Start by registering with the Traders Union. This offers access to a personal office where readers can add accounts to the system.

The process of choosing the best broker is not a complicated one. All of the hard work takes place on the page set aside for adding brokers. Simply indicate the broker of choice as well as the details of the trading account. Then, click “Add.”

What are the major criteria I have to pay attention to while choosing a CFD broker?

They include:

● Regulation

● Commission and spreads

● Trading platform and software

● Leverage

● Additional features

How to open an account with a CFD broker?

Instructions on how to open accounts with a CFD broker are on this page. There, Traders Union discusses all of the broker conditions that traders may have to meet.