Legal Help

Legal Help

Legal and information protection of traders is the main goal of our professional lawyers who are ready to defend your rights at all levels if necessary.

Today, legal protection is more pressing than ever, as traders are an unprotected category of people working on the foreign exchange market.

Now you can always rely on us in conflict situations. If a broker does not adhere to its obligations, violates a concluded contract, ignores emails or does not answer your calls, you can contact us and we will help you.

Logic of Interaction in submitting a Claim:

  1. We register your claim, investigate it, and make an enquiry to the DC referring to the claim.
  2. After receiving the reply we perform an in-depth analysis of the situation and if the trader is right, we try to defend his rights in a pre-trial order (by negotiations) and reach a mutually acceptable agreement.
  3. If we were unable to reach an agreement, we help the trader to initiate the trial and work with him/her until we win the case. In this case IAFT members receive free legal support at all stages of legal proceedings, including representation in court.
  4. If the case is unpromising or we failed to prove in court that the trader is right, the trader's loss will be reimbursed from our insurance fund.

Protection of IAFT members is our top priority!

IAFT – We will Protect Everyone's Rights!

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