IAFT’s Compensation Fund and Customer Legal Support

IAFT’s Compensation Fund and Customer Legal Support

The protection of customers’ rights – is one of the major points of the IAFT’s work. The legal protection is a relevant aspect of the Association’s activity, because traders are the most vulnerable category of players around the entire international exchange market.

In the event of any conflict (for example, a broker refuses to implement its obligations), the IAFT’s customers can always count on the assistance from our highly qualified lawyers.

IAFT’s Legal Department operates under the following algorithm:

  • Each received claim is stored and processed. Then, the IAFT’s specialists look into every problem in detail and send a request to the relevant brokerage company, in accordance with the related claim.
  • Upon receipt of a response from a brokerage company, the Association’s specialists analyze the received information and, if the broker had indeed violated its obligations, then the conflict resolution process begins.
  • If the parties are unable to resolve a problem, then IAFT can make compensation for a customer from its personal Compensation Fund, as well as consider the desirability of a further partnership with а wrongdoer.

The IAFT’s Compensation Fund serves to insure customers against unfair brokerage companies that may not comply with the declared cooperation conditions. It is worthwhile noting that any compensation is possible only if the IAFT’s specialists find sufficient evidence of inappropriate actions taken by the brokerage company, with which the cooperation is carried on, and only if such a broker refuses to recoup a customer for loss.

The IAFT’s Compensation Fund

The IAFT’s Compensation Fund – is a guarantee of the financial security for all the IAFT’s customers, because this Association values its reputation and does not want to create situations that may adversely affect the partnership with its clients. The money for the development of this Fund comes from the partnership with various organizations that provide an access to the financial markets. Furthermore, IAFT places 10% of its income directly to this Fund.

IAFT always ensures that its clients remain satisfied with the results of cooperation and have no difficulties while working in the financial markets.

The protection of the IAFT’s participants is our top priority!

IAFT – we care about each customer!

Visit this page to know more about the Rules and Procedures of the Association’s Legal Department and the regulations on its Compensation Fund.

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