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Investor protection from Traders Union

Investor protection from Traders Union

Have you ever thought that it would be nice to invest money in a place that will not only provide a good income but also provide you with a protected investment? If you have, then this information is for you!

This article about the Traders Union will provide with information about:

  • what Traders Union is and why investors with us earn more;

  • how Traders Union protects the interests of investors and reduces their risks;

  • how to become a client of Traders Unionand start investing in the Forex market.

What is Traders Union

What is Traders Union?

Traders Union (International Union of Forex Traders) is the premier official international community whose goal it is to create the most favorable and comfortable trading conditions for traders, protect the rights of investors and investors’ funds, as well as reduce the trading costs of traders.

Traders Union provides the following services:

  • full or partial compensation of a spread, regardless of the results of the transaction
    The spread is compensated both during active trading and in the case of passive investment (PAMM accounts, copying transactions);

  • informational support
    The Traders Union website has over 1000 analytical materials, reviews, descriptions of indicators, and strategies with ready-made templates. There is also a forum where you can find like-minded people and discuss any trading issue. And, of course, personal support for each investor;

  • legal support
    Traders Union provides free legal assistance to all its customers in the event of a conflict of interest with a broker or controversial situations;

  • guarantee of investment security
    (there is a compensation fund).

Registration is open to all who wish to become a client of Traders Union and a full member of the Union free! To do this, you only need to go through a simple registration at the site.

Logic of Traders Union interaction with brokers and traders

  • • A broker interested in attracting new customers concludes a partnership agreement with Traders Union, based on which it undertakes to pay the Union a part of the profit brought by the attracted trader.

  • • A trader who is interested in reducing his trading costs registers at the Traders Union website for free and goes to the website of the broker on his radar from among the Union's partners.

  • • The trader opens a real trading account and starts making money.

  • Please Note

    Before starting, it makes sense to contact the Traders Union customer service and clarify whether everything is done correctly from a technical point of view for getting a rebate. In other words, get confirmation that the rebate will be accrued.

  • • The trader conducts trading and regardless of the results pays the broker a commission in the form of a spread.

  • • The broker transfers part of the income received from the trader to Traders Union as a reward for the attracted customer.

  • • Traders Union pays part of its income to the trader. The trader can withdraw compensated money or invest it in the trade.

Spread cashback from Traders Union
Here is a cycle of money! Part of your money that you paid for the commission to the Forex broker will eventually be returned to you.

Everyone wins in this scheme. The broker receives a new active trader without the expenses for attraction, the trader reduces his trading expenses without any risk, Traders Union receives its commission.

Traders Union’s Benefits What are the benefits of investing through the Traders Union?

The benefits of investing through the Traders Union are primarily in the additional income and improving the level of investment security. When working directly with a broker, a trader misses the opportunity to get the so-called rebate (an analog of cashback), which is partial compensation for a spread.

Also, all customers of the Traders Union can contact the Union’s legal service, which is ready to defend the interests of a customer in the event of claims against the broker, for free.

Additional income from Traders Union as a source of partial compensation

The most common conditions for a spread compensation can be of two types:

  • percentage of a spread paid by a trader;

  • a fixed amount for each traded lot.


Following the agreement, the broker reimburses 85% of the trader's spread to Traders Union, 80% of which Traders Union reimburses to the trader. Assume that the trading is carried out on the pair of EUR / USD, the turnover is 10 lots per day, the spread is fixed - 2 pips. For 4-digit quotes with 1 standard lot the cost of a pip is 10 US dollars:

Additional income from Traders Union
  • • if the trader worked directly with the broker, his expenses would be 10 lots * 2 pips * 10 US dollars = 200 US dollars;

  • • if the trader works through Traders Union, the broker reimburses to the Union 200 * 0.85 = 170 US dollars, while Traders Union, in turn, reimburses to the trader 170 * 0.8 = 136 US dollars. The real cost of the trader will be 200 - 136 = 64 US dollars instead of 200 US dollars. It’s not bad, don’t you think?

Our site has a calculator that automatically calculates the amount of approximate compensation from any given broker, depending on the conditions of rebate and trading volume.

Why is investing through Traders Union safer?

Traders Union is one of the largest trading communities in the world, uniting more than 300 thousand people. Over the years of the Union’s existence, tens of thousands of traders have found reliable partners for trading with the help of Traders Union, and the largest brokers simply cannot ignore the community with so many potential and existing customers concentrated here. Traders Union is a kind of advertising and informational platform for Forex brokers, that allows attracting even more customers.

That is why all brokers try not to come up against our organization and promptly resolve all issues that arise with our traders.

Traders Union’s Legal Support

Why is investor protection needed?

Those customers who work with brokers through the Union’s website and are its clients can count on free help from Traders Union lawyers. To become a client of Traders Union, you need to register on the website (register your account) and open an account with a broker from among the partners of Traders Union through an affiliate link.

How to submit a claim against a broker

Each Traders Union customer can submit a claim against a broker as follows:
  • on the main page of the site go to the Help of lawyers section;

  • fill out a registration application form, indicating the following data: name, Traders Union login, email address, and phone number. In the Your Question block describe the essence of the problem in as much detail as possible;

  • after a representative of the Union contacts you, upon request, provide the available screenshots, correspondence with the broker's customer service, and other available information.

The claim is considered provided that it is submitted within 14 days from the date of the dispute. The consideration period is 7–90 days, and if new facts come up during the analysis, the period may be extended for another 90 days.

The Traders Union Legal Department’s Regulations and Services

Traders Union Compensation Fund

Traders Union Compensation Fund

Traders Union Compensation Fund is an additional guarantee for each customer of the Union in case of unforeseen and problematic situations with brokers. This is a guarantee of financial security in those cases when, for one reason or another, the broker does not want or cannot fulfill the undertaken financial obligations. Traders Union in every possible way avoids situations that may adversely affect partnerships with customers, and the compensation fund is additional protection for a trader's investments.

How is the compensation fund formed?

The compensation fund is formed from the following sources:

  • contributions and partnerships with organizations providing access services to the international financial markets;

  • Traders Union own funds.

In what situation can an investor expect for the payment

The payment from the Traders Union compensation fund is made to each customer of the Union who has a disputable situation with the broker under the following conditions:

  • an account with the broker is opened through an affiliate link at the Union’s website;

  • there is a partnership agreement between Traders Union and the broker and there is an accepted offer agreement between the broker and the trader;

  • the Traders Union legal department has established the fact of the broker's dishonesty, recorded its refusal to assist in the resolution of the disputed situation. In this case, the Union’s lawyers decide to pay compensation to the trader.

The payment is made within 14 business days after a positive decision is made.

What type of investment can be protected in Traders Union

Types of investments that are protected from a financial and legal point of view:
  • deposit (account balance and income received as a result of active trading);

  • passive investments: investments in PAMM and RAMM accounts, income received as a result of copying transactions, investor commissions received as a result of managing the investor's money, etc.;

All types of investments of a Traders Union customer are subject to the legal and financial protection of the Union. The main condition for guaranteeing investment insurance is the work of a trader with a broker through Traders Union (opening an account with a broker through an affiliate link at the Union’s website).

Investments’ protection in Traders Union

TOP 5 brokers for which the largest compensation fund has been formed

The main source of the compensation fund formation is the profit received from brokers and paid to the Union by them as a reward for attracting traders. Accordingly, the more turnover a broker has and the more clients it has, the greater its contribution to the compensation fund is. Since the decision on the number of compensation payments can be made based on the share contributed to the fund by the broker, the investments that are the most protected will be of those traders who work with the largest brokers.

Important notice!

In the event of unforeseen situations, each Traders Union customer can count on full or partial compensation for their investments.

However, it should be noted that the calculation of the final amount of compensation can be made based on the broker’s share in the total amount of the fund. That is why when choosing a broker, it is important to focus on what the broker's turnover is and how many traders are already working with it.

TOP 5 brokers with the largest share in the Traders Union compensation fund:

FAQ regarding the investor protection


What should I do if a rebate in the Traders Union personal account was not accrued or was not accrued in full?

You should carefully read the terms of compensation at the Traders Union website. If everything corresponds to the offer, you should contact the customer service of the Union. The problem may be of a technical nature. All requests from Traders Union customers are considered within 24 hours.


Can I expect a refund at the expense of the compensation fund if a broker becomes bankrupt and does not return a deposit?

In the event of a broker’s bankruptcy, the Traders Union may partially or fully compensate the customer’s funds, but only within the limits of 5,000 euros per customer and within the general limit of the created Fund’s size.


How can a trader - a Traders Union customer prove that a broker does not fulfill its obligations or violates its offer?

When submitting a complaint to the Traders Union Legal Department, a trader needs to provide as much information as possible about the situation. Confirmation can be a transaction log, screenshots of requests and correspondence with a broker, etc. The Traders Union lawyers will tell you in any situation what else will be necessary.


Does Traders Union charge a fee for its services, including legal ones?

No, all rebate accrual services, as well as legal and consulting services for Traders Union customers are completely free. Traders Union does not charge any fees for registration or membership fees.