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Forex Profit Calculator: Estimate Your Income

February 2021

Forex Profit Calculator

The Forex Profit Calculator is a one-of-a-kind service whereby you can easily calculate the approximate amount of your additional income. Working with a broker through an intermediary such as Traders Union, you will get a daily and monthly return (rebate) of the part of the spread or commission, even for unprofitable transactions. A special service designed for the convenience of the Union's clients will help you to evaluate the amount of this additional income.

Forex trading Income Calculator from Traders Union

How to operate the Forex Income Calculator from Traders Union:

  • 1

    Choose a broker from the list, with whom you are going to work or are already working.

  • 2

    Indicate the currency pair on which you are going to earn (the spread for each currency pair will be different depending on the volatility and liquidity).

  • 3

    Indicate the average volume of transactions for 1 day (you may already know this figure if you have a trading system tested on a demo account (training) or real trading account).

  • 4

    Enter the number of days you are going to trade.

As a result, the income calculator shows you the amount of additional profit you will get working with the Traders Union.

Are you ready to find out how it works?

A rebate is a partial compensation of the spread by the broker, which he is ready to fall short in favor of the trader. You can get a rebate with the help of an intermediary who works with a broker under an affiliate program. Traders Union is such a company and will do all the work for you.

To get rebate payments from the Traders Union:

  • 1-Register at

    1. Register at for free.

  • 2-Choose a broker

    2. Choose a broker from among the Traders Union partners. Please note, a broker's position in the rating is determined by numerous factors and suggests the company's reliability. Choose only a trusted company from the Top 20 list.

  • 3-Open a real trading account

    3. Open a real trading account on the broker's website and enter the number of this account in the “Accounts” section of your personal account in Traders Union.

This whole procedure takes less than 15 minutes, and you get compensation for the spread or commission from the first transaction. How much? A calculator will help you to calculate your potential income.

How much can you earn at Traders Union?

Let's consider the calculator’s principles using a specific example.

Trading parameters of brokers

For each lot traded by the trader (you), the broker compensates from the spread the amount of $10, of which the trader gets 80%, that is, $8. Now let's try to get the same amount using a calculator.

Select the broker, account type, and currency pair.

Income calculator

Press the "Next" button and specify the number of days. Let’s use 1 day. Now, get the result.


The amount of spread compensation may not be fixed (as in the example above), because it may be floating, and may also depend on the trading conditions of the broker. Therefore, the Traders Union recommends using the “Income Calculator” service to roughly estimate your potential payment. You can also request a calculation formula for a specific broker from the Union's specialists.

 Conditions for calculating spread compensation

Conditions for calculating spread compensation

  • Compensation from the Traders Union is paid for each completed (closed) transaction, including unprofitable ones.

  • The accrual is added to the balance of the Client's personal account in the Traders Union. Daily payments are made on the next day after the reporting day, and monthly payments on the next month.

  • Compensation is calculated for both traders and PAMM account managers (exceptions are possible).

The amount and procedure for calculating remuneration from the Traders Union may differ depending on the conditions of an individual broker. Find more information about possible profit on Forex with Traders Union by following this link, choose a broker, open an account, and receive a profit after the first transaction. If you have any questions, contact the Traders Union Customer Support at any time!

Cheers from Traders Union!