Rating of binary options brokers

Rating of binary options brokers is an important tool for every trader who wants to work on financial market comfortably and profitably. Traders can find here the most objective and complete information about the companies and finally choose the best broker to cooperate with. Rating of binary options brokers is based not only on traders’ reviews and voices, but on the volume of trades that can be called the most objective rating in the market. The rating of our Association is one of the most reputable and prestigious on financial market.

IAFT Rating of top binary options brokers is an independent and transparent rating that can help you to make the right choice.

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Rating of binary options brokers is the best way to find a reliable company

The most effective way to choose a company to work on financial market is to use rating of binary options. With the help of our ranking you can get reliable and objective information about many binary companies. Our rating is based on the reviews and voices of the largest trading community in the world, so it allows you to make the right choice.

What you should pay attention on when choosing a broker? All depends on what you need. Someone focuses on a minimum deposit, some need demo account or automatic trading. But reviews of binary options brokers give a superficial evaluation, that’s why you should also pay attention to the quality of the broker and its reputation. The company should be able to fulfill requests for withdrawal and prevent communication failure for the trading platform.

How to choose a binary options broker?

You can find a lot of feedback on the binary options brokers which suggests that traders are losing money working with unreliable companies. That is why you should carefully choose the broker to work with. Different companies offer their own terms, which our experts analyze and provide you with the results in the Ranking. An important point is the technical support of customers. Experienced traders and the beginners of the binary options market at any time can need help of the specialists, so the service should be of high quality. You should also pay attention to the broker 's software. A broad range of platforms and additional services for trading is an advantage of the company. The reputation of a broker is also important. A clean reputation is a guarantee of stability and reliability of the broker.

Your broker is not in the top of the ranking: what to do?

You’d better choose one of the brokers from the TOP 10 of our rankings, which have become leaders for many parameters. If the broker you have chosen is below top 10, you probably have some additional reasons to work with it. Statistics indicate that over 50% of all traders are cooperating with the companies from the first five of the rating, and 25% are trading with brokers on 6 — 10 places of the ranking. But we assure you that our specialists check all companies in our rating, so you can be sure that there are no scammers here.

About the IAFT binary brokers rating

Rating of binary options brokers created by Traders Union is the most authoritative and independent rank in the Web because it is based on the analysis of trading data and feedback from the community of traders in the whole world.

The findings of our rating can be called the most objective, since no other site is working with so many traders and different brokers.

The IAFT rating is updated every month and it is based on analysis of information from more than 200 thousands of traders in more than 100 companies. Thus, each month you have the opportunity to see a kind of report about the current trends in the binary options market.