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Forex Brokers List - Regulated Forex Brokers Full List 2021

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A trader's success depends largely on choosing the right Forex broker because of the terms of trade; the trading platform’s functional capabilities; and the growth potential of each of its clients depend on the broker. That is why it is important to start with a legitimate broker who has the most options and the best conditions that are suitable for you.

Who is a Forex broker?

Who is a Forex broker?

A Forex broker is an organization that has access to liquidity providers and executes the applications of its clients — the traders — in good faith. Simply put, this is an intermediary between you and international banks. As a private individual, you cannot work directly with liquidity providers, so all trading in the foreign exchange market must go through brokers.

After reviewing the Forex brokers in our list, you’ll see that brokers differ in dozens of parameters, like the minimum deposit; leverage; spread size; the trading platform, bonuses, etc. But the most important factor is the license. An unlicensed broker is operating illegally, full stop, because by law brokers must be licensed.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

10TradeFx is owned and operated by Holiway Global Ltd that is duly authorized and regulated by a highly reliable regulator for non-bank financial services – the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, reg. no. SD040. 10TradeFx offers all the required tools to ensure an effective trading environment, in particular, multiple well-designed products and services.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

AAATrade is duly authorized and regulated by the CySec (CIF license number 244/14). The company’s business activities are governed by MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). Furthermore, AAATrade is regulated by some of the most reliable EU regulatory bodies, for instance, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) with ref. No. 45052), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with ref. No. 659844, and the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) with reg. No. 3846.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

“AccentForex” — is the broker, that provides its clients with the conditions of comfortable work in the financial markets. The main advantage of this company — the high speed and the quality of orders execution, as well as the safety of all customers’ transactions.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

“ActivTrades” — is the reliable broker in Forex-industry. This company provides its clients with the possibility to get the maximum profit thanks to the large amount of services and trading instruments.

ACY Securities

Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

ACY Securities is authorized and fully regulated by two relevant trustworthy regulatory bodies, in particular ASIC (reg. no. AFSL: 403863) and VFSC (reg. no. VFSC: 012868). The above regulators ensure the company fully meets applicable rules and standards. ACY Securities is a broker of choice for multiple Australian investors.

Admiral Markets UK

Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

The Admiral Markets broker company commenced operations in 2001. The broker’s activities are registered and licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Admiral Markets now operates in more than 40 countries with a cash cycle of up to USD 40 billion. The broker holds a lifetime license issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service. It is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Access to the FX+Project as one of their specific features. In 2002 Admiral Markets was awarded the “Forex 2012” (“Best of the Best”) by The New Europe Magazine.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

AdroFx is a brokerage company founded in 2018. The broker's team has many years of experience in the financial markets and applies it in the process of their work with clients. AdroFx combines advanced financial expertise with state-of-the-art technology to meet all the needs of retail and institutional clients.

The broker's advantages include: a wide range of trading instruments, a high level of security, regular cash promotions and contests for clients, cash protection, free training materials, low spreads and no commissions for deposit / withdrawal of funds and trade operations.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

ADSS is a privately-owned, international financial services organization providing institutional, private and retail clients high quality, commercially astute and sophisticated investment opportunities. Its offering encompasses wealth and asset management, capital markets, trading services, a multi-asset derivatives brokerage, and financial technologies. Formed in 2011, its goal is to offer easy to use digital trading solutions that supports clients from their first trade, through to developing comprehensive wealth and asset management portfolios. ADSS has studied the market to anticipate trends and is fully capable of expanding and developing its offerings to provide greater access to the market.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

AG-MARKETS.EU is a brand name of Advanced Global Markets Ltd. The company is duly registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with IBC reg. no. 21668. AG-Markets enables trading more than 50 currency pairs, precious metals (for instance, Gold and Silver), energies (such as crude oil, natural gas, etc.), and equity indices on highly competitive trading conditions and tight spreads. With AG Markets, one can freely trade Forex and CFD markets. Here one can find multiple solutions for effective trades.


Cashback rate is 100% of a part of the spread

“AGEA” - is the brokerage company that offers high-quality services for the online-trading. With the help of the highly qualified team of specialists “AGEA” provides the access to several trading platforms.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

“Alfa-Group” — is the one of the biggest investment groups in the Russian Federation. This company has started its activity in the year 1989. Present days, this broker can offer top-class and secure trading, as well as the possibility to make additional earnings via the partner program.

Alpari (UK)

Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

The Alpari broker has been providing financial services in the international foreign exchange market since 1998. The company's services include both active Forex trading and investment offers. The broker is registered in the territory of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Its license is № 20389 IBC 2012, issued by the Registrar of International Business Companies. The Company is also a member of The Financial Commission, which handles the settlement of disputes worldwide between brokers and their clients. The broker has received more than 30 awards, including Forex Expo Awards (2011, 2012, 2014), International Finance Magazine Awards (2013), and FX Empire Awards (2017).

Amana Capital

Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

Amana Capital business activities are conducted in full accordance to rules and regulations of relevant regulatory bodies. The company received licenses from the following top international organizations: the FCA, CySEC, DFSA, LFSA, CMA, and FSC. Amana Capital, a member of 180 Capital, specializes in online trading. The company offers its services to customers from more than 80 countries of the world giving them access to the global financial markets. Both individual and institutional customers choose Amana Capital as a reliable partner.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

“AMarkets” – is the reliable Forex-company that is already trusted by the huge amount of traders. The broker offers its customers the profitable cooperation conditions: wide range of the trading instruments, popular platforms, immediate orders execution, professional support in various issues and may other things.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

AMEGA was introduced into the financial market more than 10 years ago. This fact is the obvious evidence of its stability. Forex AMEGA has been popular in Russia only in  2017. The broker established itself as a modern service with a wide range of attractive services which would be interested for traders as for partners.

International and Local Regulators of Forex Brokers

This page provides a list of active Forex brokers who are associated with the Traders Union. All of them are licensed companies.

A regulator is an independent organization that issues a broker a license for professional activity and it regulates the work of the Forex broker, ensuring its legitimacy and compliance with all applicable regulations. There are two types of regulators:





Local regulators license brokers in their state or country. In one respect it is worse to work with a local regulator because it applies narrow restrictions related only to local legislation. For instance, by the size of leverage (many professional traders, for example, take the size of the spread which may be 1:50 leverage, locally. This may be underestimated by local regulators.

At the same time, although international regulators are quoted higher in the world market, only a local broker in its country can objectively provide legal protection to a trader.

The license protects against fraud because to obtain a license, a Forex broker has to comply with specific regulations, such as:

  • submit a legally defined set of documents to the regulatory body;

  • make and maintain a significant cash deposit to the account of a special fund;

  • confirm with documents that there is a certain amount of money in the broker's account;

  • create the official website of the company, with the complete and current information about its Terms and Conditions.

Also, the Forex broker must conduct activities and provide services in strict compliance with the requirements of the regulator. Violations may lead to a suspension of the broker’s license; and often to the closure of a brokerage company. So, it is unprofitable and too risky to conduct a Forex business fraudulently. Moreover, the license number can be easily checked using the database of the regulator’s website. This thwarts players from using fake license numbers these days.

Key factors in choosing a reliable Forex broker

The year itself is beside the point, but the age of the Forex broker is important. We don’t recommend young companies for cooperation because, despite any other advantages, they simply do not have sufficient experience to resolve difficult situations, e.g., how best to trade during a global financial crisis.

  • 1
    Year it was founded.
    The year itself is beside the point, but the age of the Forex broker is important. We don’t recommend young companies for cooperation because, despite any other advantages, they simply do not have sufficient experience to resolve difficult situations, e.g., how best to trade during a global financial crisis.
  • 2
    We've already talked about local and global regulators. The main thing is that the broker has a regulator, and each regulator offers its own advantages.
  • 3
    Trade tools.
    We are talking about the types of trades that traders can make. These are currency pairs (euro/dollar), CFD, and cross-rates, etc. The more trading instruments a Forex broker offers, the greater the development potential of a trader.
  • 4
    Minimum deposit.
    Most brokers have a minimum deposit of $1-10, less commonly, a deposit starts at $40 or even $100. This parameter determines only the minimum budget a trader can start his activity with.
  • 5
    It is an extremely important parameter as it allows a trader to trade based on the broker's borrowed funds. The greater the leverage, the higher the potential for earning opportunities.
  • 6
    This is the difference between the best price at which you can buy a position (ask) and the best price at which it can be sold (bid). The spread is important because the Forex broker, as a rule, takes it as a payment for its services, that is, for each transaction you shall pay its spread.
  • 7
    Trading platform.
    This is the software used for trading in the international currency market. You just need to explore in advance the capabilities and interface of different platforms and decide which one suits you best.

The age of broker company

Almost all the companies dominating in our rating have been operating on the Forex market for over 10 years. This evidences its high-reliability. Since it is believed that if a company has "lived" for at least 4-5 years and has been developing steadily, it means that everything is alright with its business processes and financial strategies. The longevity of the brokerage company in combination with the license demonstrates that you can trust it and that it has experience solving complex problems.

Of course, there are other indicators. For example, IC Markets has been at the top of all ratings for several years, although the company is much younger than the most leading players by age. Also, FxPro has been operating for more than 20 years, and it is one of the oldest players in the Forex market, with a good reputation, but this company often takes a lower place in the ratings.

Reputation and customer reviews

One of the most important parameters is the reputation of the Forex broker as determined by reviews by other traders over the years.

In our list of the best Forex brokers for 2021, reputation is the main criterion because in other respects the characteristics of the top companies are very similar.

The peculiarity is that you need to evaluate such reviews within independent platforms, for example, on the Traders Union website. Because on its official website, the broker will never flaunt negative reviews (if any).

Trading terms of the broker

Do not conflate trading terms with trade tools. Tools as aforementioned are account types you can work with. Trading terms is a complex definition combining all the principal characteristics of a broker, determining the list of opportunities and limits for traders. Think of it as the broker’s Terms and Conditions.

The trading conditions of the Forex broker include the minimum deposit, leverage, spread, the ability to open a demo account, and a cent account. Such accounts are especially convenient for novice traders: for example, a cent account allows you to try out a strategy with real money, but without the risk of large financial losses.

Also, many Forex brokers from our list have a deposit and no deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, etc. There are other trading terms: accuracy of quotes, order execution mode, order volume, step, and others. It seems that there are a lot of characteristics, but they are all obvious and easily perceived when you start comparing brokers.

License of the international organisations or European regulator availability

Most customers focus on international organizations as regulators and many players from our Forex Brokers List 2021 have such a license. This is a list of international regulatory agencies:

международные организации
  • Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC);

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC);

  • Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC);

  • UK Financial Regulatory Authority (FCA);

  • South Africa Financial Services Authority (FCSA);

  • Bahamas Securities Commission (SCB).

Pay attention! Pay attention!

One more important point that many people forget about when choosing a Forex broker is the relevance of information about it. After all, Forex brokers do not mark time, they are constantly developing and sometimes changing their trading terms and even jurisdictions. That is why you need to have access to the newest data, and we are happy to collect it for you on our website.

Principal functions and responsibilities of Forex brokers

Principal functions and responsibilities of Forex brokers

The procedure to trade on the Forex exchange is as follows: First, you create an application; next, the broker redirects it to the quote provider; then it goes to the liquidity provider; and finally it proceeds onto the interbank market. The Interbank returns the results of the application to the broker; and he delivers them to you while taking a commission (direct or spread) in case of a successful application. Also, the broker transfers current quotes between the international market and the trader.

Information Information

The particularity is that the Forex broker is not just an intermediary with complicated destinations. This is a legal entity, a professional player of the Forex exchange, which provides the trader with a guarantee that his applications will get to the interbank. A broker guarantees to the Interbank that applications are received from real persons. Moreover, since the broker's activities are licensed and regulated, he also determines the legality of all transactions.

The principal function of the Forex broker

The principal function of the Forex broker is to send the traders’ applications to the international exchange market. A related task is to help the trader make money, because the greater the profit of the trader, the greater the profit is for the broker via his percentage from each transaction.

That is why the best Forex brokers provide their clients with not only platforms and terminals for trading but also leverage and some bonuses. Also, brokers provide traders with up-to-date market analytics, tips, various analytical and even forecasting materials. He doesn’t do that out of kindness, but because it is beneficial for the broker to help you become a successful trader.

The broker's tasks include:
Executing trades in the Forex market while acting as an attorney/commission agent of his client (the trader);
Providing the client with detailed information on each transaction before its execution;
Maintaining all financial documentation and reporting, including the tax aspects;
Covering operations with securities in the framework of ensuring legislatively established transparency of his activities;
Predicting the success or failure of the customer's instructions.

How to Distinguish a Reliable Forex Broker from a Fraudster

Unfortunately, fraud is still flourishing in the Forex market, even though the field is expertly regulated and there are fewer opportunities for fraudsters. Fraudulent brokers are often called Forex Scammers because such companies do not lead their traders to the international market, although they may claim the opposite.

Information Information

Forex scammers encourage or trick a trader to trade with other traders and/or only with their platform. It is obvious that, unlike a real licensed broker, it is unprofitable for a Forex scammer if the broker wins. This is because its earnings are not based on a percentage of your transactions, but on every deposited dollar.

Even when working with a real broker only about 25% of traders eventually become successful. However, if a trader is dealing with forex-scammers the percentage drops to zero. It is impossible to win with a scammer because the Forex system exposes its own quotes. The table below shows the main differences between a reliable broker and a fraudster.

  • Reliable Forex broker patterns Reliable Forex broker patterns
     Broker-fraud (forex-scammers) patterns Broker-fraud (forex-scammers) patterns
  • Acting under a regulator whose license number is registered in the regulator database

    No license information or the information is false

  • Indicates current quotes of the international market

    If you compare the numbers, you see the differences between the scammer’s numbers and the interbank quotes

  • Offers to work on official trading platforms (e.g., MT4 and MT5)

    Forces you to work through its own platforms, which can contain spyware

  • Offers you a large number of trading tools, for example, 20–40 currency pairs

    Can offer only a very few trading tools

  • Offers only standard terms (minimum deposit $1–10, leverage up to 1:1,000, etc.)

    Promotes unrealistic, overly beneficial terms (e.g., leverage of 1:10,000 or colossal no deposit bonuses.

  • The official site was created years before or in the year of licensing

    When checking through a special service, it is revealed that the site was created after the specified licensing period

  • Reviews by other traders are real, as evidenced by their ability to be found on independent websites

    The reviews are self-made and, as a result, they are 95-100% positive and can only be found on the scammer’s website; but on independent websites, reviews reveal that the scammer is a fraud

How to Choose the Best Broker: Expert’s Opinion


The best broker can be chosen based on a consolidated Forex Brokers 2021 list. Such a list should contain up-to-date information updated on-line about trading terms and broker’s tools, which are recognized as the top ones based on trader reviews. Only this approach excludes subjective assessment and allows you to effectively compare Forex brokers by basic features significant for the trader. And for sure, this is the best defense against fraudulent schemes.

Antony Robertson

Antony Robertson

Traders Union Analyst

About the Author

Rayn Taylor
Rayn Taylor
Independent trader-analyst
  • 2003 - graduated Columbia University, the Faculty of Economics;
  • 2006 - Ph.D. in Economics (thesis topic: “World Legal Regulation of Currency Exchanges”);
  • 2010 - Doctorate in Economics (thesis topic: “Exchange mechanism of globalization of the world currency market”);
  • 2002-2021 - Continuous trading in the Forex market, working with various brokerage companies;
  • 2005-2008 - Worked at Global Markets brokerage company as a junior and then senior trader-analyst;
  • 2008-2015 - Worked as the head of the department of the American brokerage company IG;
  • 2015 – Currently is providing independent analytics services to various brokerage companies, traders, and associations of traders.

FAQ FAQ Regarding the Regulated Forex Brokers


Why do I need a Forex broker? Can I trade on my own?


Unfortunately, you cannot trade on your own. According to international law, only a specialized organization licensed by one of the competent regulators can become a participant in the interbank foreign exchange market.


How to distinguish a reliable Forex broker from a fraudster?


Fraudulent traders do not have an official regulator’s license (the license number may be verified on the off-site of the regulator). Fraudsters have few trading tools and unrealistic terms; their websites were created only recently; and there are no positive reviews on independent sites.


How to compare the Forex brokers and choose the best one?


The best way is to use our Forex Brokers List 2021 because it shows the principal information on top brokers leading the ratings based on the traders’ reviews. Through a simple comparison, you can make an objective decision as to who will be the best partner for you to work with.


Is it better to work with a broker directly or are there other options?


There are other options. You can register with a broker not directly but through the Traders Union association. In terms of trading, nothing will change for you in this case, but you will get additional financial bonuses, the possibility of additional earnings, relevant analytics, and legal support.