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History of Gerchik&Co

It’s time of top-quality Forex – that’s the slogan of “Gerchik&Co” trading company, and “Gerchik&Co” reviews fully confirm the veracity of this slogan.

As already stated, “Gerchik&Co” platform was founded in the year 2014, but started its business activity only in July 2015. Mr. Alexandr Gerchik, Mr. Ivan Kroshnyi and Mr. Andrei Zhila were among those traders who founded this company. Since the very first moment “Gerchik&Co” platform has been working hard to create for its traders and investors the excellent trading conditions on Forex.

“Gerchik&Co” company offers its customers only the most useful instruments and services in order to enhance the comfort and safety of their work on this platform. The company presents a special service called “Trader’s statistics journal”, where our clients can enter their data on working results of the trading system, and then – analyze and improve their work with the help of this data.

“Risk-manager” system ensures the protection of “Gerchik&Co” traders against any serious loses and doesn’t let emotions to adversely affect the results of the trading sessions. We believe that “Gerchik&Co” rating will definitely become an important benchmark for the new users in the exciting world of the financial markets.

Specially developed for “Gerchik&Co” company Level Forecast indicator identifies the most important price levels on a diagram and gives a possibility to perform the right financial operations in proper time, and the trust management TIMA-service opens even more doors for “Gerchik&Co” platform’s customers.

In addition to the main web-site, “Gerchik&Co” company created a special information portal, on which it posts various thematic and educational articles, news of the world’s financial markets and their nuanced analysis. Beyond that, “Gerchik&Co” broker presents monthly online-project called “Forex market analysis with Alexandr Gerchik”.

“Gerchik&Co” company makes every effort in order to provide its customers with the most profitable trading conditions and comfortable work, securing it from any potential risks. The evidence of these efforts lies in numerous awards, including such titles as “The Fastest-Growing Broker” and “Breakthrough of the Year”, obtained on Mena 15th Forex Show in Dubai, as mentioned by RTD Money.

Gerchik&Co trading conditions

Trading platforms: MT4
Account types:
  • Mini;
  • Simple;
  • Silver;
  • Platinum;
  • Gold;
Deposit currencies: Gold;
Deposition/withdrawal means:
  • Plastic cards;
  • Electronic payment systems;
Minimum deposit: USD 500
Leverage: 1:100
Trading instruments: Over 80 currency pairs and 45 CFD
Spreads: From 0 p.
Trade lot: 0.01
Advisors: Permitted

Gerchik&Co contacts

[email protected]

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