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Fusion Markets Copy Trading Review for 2021

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Fusion Markets is a young Australian Forex and CFD broker that was founded in 2017. It is notable for some of the lowest commissions on the market for active trading. However, the company is developing rapidly and is trying to offer customers a full range of services, including those for passive investments.

For these purposes, Fusion Markets cooperates with two leading social trading platform providers like DupliTrade and MyFxBook AutoTrade. Experts at Traders Union researched the features of copy trading at Fusion Markets and prepared a review from which you will learn how to choose the right trader, start copying trades, as well as all the pros and cons of this method of earning with an Australian broker.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a method of investing that allows novice traders to piggyback on professional investors on a single platform. Professionals are engaged in developing strategies, buying and selling assets, while beginners have the opportunity to subscribe to the most successful traders. Upon signing up for a set amount, they will copy transactions in automatic or manual mode.

All this happens on social trading platforms. As a rule, a variety of options for communication and exchange of experience are also available on such platforms, which makes them a kind of analogue of professional social networks.

Social trading solves several important problems for beginners:

  • Beginners can enter the financial market without a long preparation and study period before entering the markets;

  • Potentially, the earnings can be at the level that is on par with professionals;

  • You can learn to trade by studying the examples of leading professionals.

However, there are drawbacks to copying traders. The main one is that excellent results in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Copy trading from Fusion Markets involves the risk of losses, as with most types of investments. So it is very important to carefully choose a signal provider and carefully configure the copy parameters.

The pros and cons of copy trading at Fusion Markets

???? Pros

Cooperation with major providers of social trading platforms

One of the lowest commissions on the Forex market

The broker is regulated in Australia (ASIC)

???? Cons

High entry threshold. For DupliTrade - from $5,000; for MyFxBook Autotrade - from $1,000.

How to start copying trades at Fusion Markets?

Fusion Markets cooperates with the leading providers of social trading platforms like DupliTrade and MyFxBook Autotrade. We will review them both.

You need to go through four steps to start working with DupliTrade at the Fusion Markets broker:

  • 1

    Register on the DupliTrade platform.

    ZuluTrade Copy Trading - Rating

  • Create an account in Fusion Markets and link it to your DupliTrade account. To do this, select Fusion Markets in the list of brokers.

    Fusion Markets copy trading - Choose a broker


  • 3

    Choose a signal provider, set a limit for copying trades and acceptable risks.

  • Monitor the results in the MT4 terminal from Fusion Markets and your personal account on DupliTrade.


Copy trading via DupliTrade using a demo account

The $5,000 limit on DupliTrade is high enough to start copying traders. However, before adding funds to your account, you can try your hand on a demo account. It launches automatically after registration with a virtual balance of up to $500,000. Use of the demo is valid for 30 days. At this time, you can practice selecting strategy providers and copying deals.

Copy trading via DupliTrade

Review of what is the DupliTrade network in 2021

Today, DupliTrade is a social and copy trading platform, which is known for carefully selecting strategy providers. There are only 12 of them on the platform, but they are not random traders. They’re pros who have passed several stages of strict selection. In addition, the platform has a high level of reliability, as it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

Social trading platform






How many brokers does it offer?


Leading partner brokers

AvaTrade, Pepperstone, IC Markets, Fusion Markets, AxiTrader, FXPro

Minimum investment for copying


Commission for using the service


Brokerage commission

Depending on the selected broker

Account Types

Real Account, Demo Account

Network scale

12 signal providers

How to find the right trader to copy on DupliTrade

It is quite easy to look for traders to copy on DupliTrade when working with the Fusion Markets broker. All the profiles to copy are located on the Strategy Providers page. In the list, traders are initially sorted by the number of subscribers from the biggest number to the smallest.

How to find the right trader to copy on DupliTrade

Also, at first glance at the table, you can learn a lot of valuable information, such as:

  • Percentage of the profit earned during the time spent on the platform;

  • Pure income on the trader's account in $;

  • Number of trades and percentage of profitable trades;

  • Profit-to-loss ratio;

  • Number of weeks on the platform;

  • Number of followers.

Clicking on a trader's profile opens up more detailed data:

  • Strategy description;

  • DupliTrade - The strategy provider

  • Detailed work statistics;

  • DupliTrade - Detailed work statistics

  • Chart of changes in profitability over time and transaction history;

  • Charts of the dynamics of profitability and losses by month;

  • DupliTrade - Monthly statistics

We recommend choosing traders to copy on Fusion Markets following the parameters:

  • The percentage of profitable trades - the higher, the better;

  • The maximum drawdown for the periods of work - the fewer, the better;

  • Stability - the fewer unprofitable months there were during the work period, the better.

How to copying trades with Fusion Markets

After selecting one or several providers on DupliTrade, you can start copying transactions to your account in Fusion Markets. To do this, you need to subscribe to the profile by clicking on the Duplicate button.

In the window that appears, you can set the main copy parameters and distribute the investment. The minimum investment per 1 signal provider is from $500 to $2,500.

How to copying trades with Fusion Markets

After setting the necessary parameters, click Save Changes at the bottom of the table.

You can monitor the results using various detailed statistics via the My Account page on DupliTrade. All trades and financial results will also be displayed in the MT4 terminal from Fusion Markets.

MyFxBook Autotrade by Fusion Markets review

Please also note that you can work with another popular social trading platform through the Fusion Markets broker called MyFxBook Autotrade. In this case, the minimum deposit to start copying trades is reduced to $1,000. We will analyze other main characteristics of the platform in a brief overview of MyFxBook Autotrade by Fusion Markets.

???? MyFxBook AutoTrade: The pros

Profitable commission policy

Convenient analytics of traders

You can try copy trading on a demo account

8 trading terminals are supported

???? MyFxBook AutoTrade: The cons

There are no filters to search for traders

Out-of-date interface

Complex connection

No regulation

Main features providers


Not regulated


MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader

How many brokers does it offer?


Leading brokers

Tickmill, IC Markets, FxOpen, Pepperstone, Axi (Axitrader), Fusion Markets

Minimum investment for copying

1,000 USD

Commission for using the service


Signal providers


Brokerage commission

Depends on the broker

Account Types

Depends on the broker

Network scale

Forex, CFD, crypto, indices, commodities (depends on the broker)

*Some brokers set an increased spread

Can I make money by copying traders on Fusion Markets?

Yes, copying traders on Fusion Markets can really bring additional income. The broker meets several important criteria for this:

  • Offers copy trading with two of the world's leading providers;

  • A wide range of trading instruments;

  • Low fees;

  • The work is controlled by one of the world's leading regulators, ASIC (Australia).


However, it is important to note that even the results of successful trades in the past do not guarantee success in the future. There still may be losses when copying traders on Fusion Markets.

How much does copy trading at Fusion Markets cost?

The broker Fusion Markets is known in the Forex market for low commissions. For example, the average commission on the Zero account for the EUR/USD pair is only $2.25 per lot (one way) with a spread of 0 points, and on the standard account, the average spread is 0.9 points.

The providers of the social trading platforms DupliTrade and MyFxBook Autotrade do not charge additional fees for using their services. However, brokers can set an increased spread for copy trading by agreement. The current terms of cooperation should be clarified with the support team of Fusion Markets.

Is copy trading at Fusion Markets safe?

The broker Fusion Markets has two licenses. The level of security directly depends on the regulation of the broker. The Australian division is regulated by the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC). The international division is regulated in Vanuatu (VFSC).

Fusion Markets has proven itself in the market, so in general, working with it can be considered safe. The main risks when working with this broker are the trading strategies.


The Fusion Markets broker offers access to two leading social trading platforms. In addition, the broker is characterized by reliable regulation, a wide variety of trading instruments and low commissions. Overall, copy trading on Fusion Markets can be a good option for novice investors.


However, it is worth remembering that copying transactions is just one of the options for earning money in the financial markets. It can help you to quickly earn profit at the level of professional traders, but some losses are to be expected.

Expert’s opinion

Copying trades through Fusion Markets is a good option for obtaining passive income for novice investors. Each of the two proposed platforms is unique.

At DupliTrade, the main advantage is, of course, a careful selection of traders. Random people will not appear there. However, the minimum entry threshold is a bit high, since $5,000 is a lot of money for most beginners. MyFxBook Autotrade is notable for its large selection of signal providers too, plus a lower entry threshold; but it may be more difficult to select a more successful signals provider.

In general, you need to look at your resources and try to first copy the transactions on the demo, and then go to a real account. This way you can compare the results on the two platforms and understand which one is best for you.

Antony Robertson

Antony Robertson

Traders Union financial analyst

Reviews of copy trading at Fusion Markets

Dupli has a more convenient platform for getting started. There is somehow a much clearer arrangement of the onscreen tools. There is no unnecessary complexity in registration and when choosing traders. There are no questions about the effectiveness of the strategies. I am subscribed to three of them and earn regularly. In contrast, Myfxbook will blow your head off while you try to understand the process, and, judging from my own experience, the signal providers are weaker here.

Unathi Anson


South Africa

For me, the starting threshold for copy trading on DupliTrade is too high. I do not want to risk a large amount at the very beginning, so I immediately focused on MyFxbook. In the first three months of operation, I made a small profit. Of course, the statistics by the leading strategy providers that are shown there, are not justified in practice yet. But +7% is also a good result for me, since it’s still a success.

Vivian Porter



I have been working with Fusion Markets for more than a year. Half of this time I tried to trade on my own. Although the conditions at the broker are excellent, active trading is not my thing. It takes too much time and nerves. I decided to try copy trading. I copy traders on Duplitrade and it suits me perfectly, at least for now. I already added 35% to the deposit in my first seven months.

Devon Rijnders




What is the minimum deposit for copy trading on Fusion Markets?

The minimum deposit on DupliTrade is $5,000. On MyFxBook Autotrade, you can start with $1,000, but it is worth considering that some traders may have higher individual requirements to get started.

How much can I earn by copying trades on Fusion Markets?

There is no standard profit. Copy trading combines both opportunities to earn profitability at the level of professionals, and the risk of losses.

Is copy trading with Fusion Markets safe?

The Fusion Markets broker is regulated in Australia and can be considered reliable. The main risks of working with copy trading are the trading strategies of the signals provider.

When should I stop copying a trader?

If a trader regularly trades unsuccessfully, it is better to refuse to cooperate with him. You should also set the parameters of the maximum drawdown on the account initially, and the copying of transactions will be stopped upon reaching this cut off point.