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ZuluTrade social trading platform review 2021

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ZuluTrade is a social trading platform that was founded in Greece in 2007 and cooperates with over 30 leading European and international brokers as a provider of social and copy trading services. ZuluTrade can be considered a reliable service provider because it is regulated in the EU, USA, and Japan.

Read the ZuluTrade review from Traders Union expert for all the key information about the platform, such as entry threshold; how to find the best traders to copy; how to copy the trades of the most successful members of the community; and users’ feedback on ZuluTrade.

What does social trading platform mean?

The idea of the ZuluTrade social trading platform is to unite the world's leading traders and ordinary inexperienced investors to make money on a single platform. The platform encompasses how to copy trades and communication and sharing experience and knowledge among online members. In short, it functions as a social network for traders.

The mission of professional traders is to do their thing and make profitable trades. And novice investors can copy them in automatic or semi-automatic mode. After subscribing to the trader-manager, his transactions and orders shall be automatically copied to the investor's account.

Social Trading Platform - How it works

Since ZuluTrade is a provider of copy trading platforms, then managers and investors are often clients of different brokers. In total, the provider cooperates with 34 brokers as of the beginning of 2021. The service is integrated into the popular MT4 and MT5 terminals, as well as the proprietary ZTP platform.

ZuluTrade solves several problems for novice traders at once:

It helps beginners to hit the market without knowledge and experience
It creates an extra source of passive income;
It provides a platform for communication and training in the trading process.

ZuluTrade’s copy trading network at a glance

The platform for copy trading
Greece and EU (HCMC), USA (CFTC), Japan (KFB)
Number of brokers offered
Top brokers
AvaTrade, FXCM, IC Markets, TickMill, EverFx, WelTrade, Axi, InstaForex, FX Open, AAAFx, Oanda, Swissquote
The minimum investment for copying
Is indicated by the broker in average from $50 to $1,000
Combos service - from $2,000
Commission for using the service
Profit-sharing Plan: $30 monthly subscription + 25% share of profits
Classic Plan - depends on the broker chosen. On average, $20 per standard lot in a currency pair.
Brokerage commission
Execution fees are charged according to your broker's terms.
Types of accounts
Profit-sharing, Classic
Network scale
Over 1,000 strategy providers
Forex, CFD, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities. The markets list depends on the broker chosen.

ZuluTrade copy trading platform review

ZuluTrade has been created as a user-friendly novice-trader platform.


Let's start the review of copy trading on ZuluTrade with the “Traders” section. Here you will find a list of top traders, compiled by the platform's proprietary algorithm that includes:

growth dynamics
Assets under
ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - Traders section

The first pages of the traders' profile immediately provide you with valuable information like profitability, maximum drawdown, number of subscribers, and assets under management. There’s also a button to start a subscription.

Trader’s profile

Click on the profile to learn more detailed information about the trader:

  • 1
    Description of the trader's strategy;
  • 2
    Investor’s rating;
  • 3
    The minimum investment amount;
  • 4
    The number of active weeks on the platform;
  • 5
    The number of investors and the amount under management;
  • 6
    Profitability and maximum drawdown in points;
  • 7
    Chart of trade statistics;
  • 8
    History of transactions;
  • 9
    Open positions, etc.
ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - Trader’s profile section

Also in the profile, you can study the performance for the last year by months using diagrams; a diagram of the history of drawdowns and slippages in pips; and the share of currency pairs in the total number of transactions.

ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - Performance section


The Social profile page can be very useful when choosing traders, as it allows you to study reviews and personal ratings based on investor ratings. As you can see, the reviews about this signal provider are quite controversial, and the ratings are low, although the performance is average. It gives you pause for thought whether it is worth working with the manager and studying other data.

ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - Social section

Real Investors

The page shows the list of the trader's subscribers; the dynamics of changes in their number; and the total amount of profit brought by the trader.

ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - Real investors section

Combo page

Here you can study the combined strategies selected by the broker. The minimum investment amount rises to $2,000, but the investor is already getting some kind of diversified portfolio from different strategies.

But the results of these combinations were underwhelmed. There were large drawdowns, as for diversified strategies, although the main task of such products is precisely the fight against volatility.

ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - Combo page section

All traders page

All managers are listed here. They can be selected using basic tools and an advanced filter.

The basic filter allows you to track the best traders over a certain period.

ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - All traders section
The functionality is much wider in an advanced filter. Here you can choose by the following parameters:
Profit margins;
The amount of money earned for investors;
The number of pips earned;
Trading activity;
Account currency.

All key parameters for profitability and drawdowns can be entered manually as ranges.

ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - Key parameters for profitability and drawdowns

Compare function

The Compare function is quite useful. It allows you to select several profiles you like and the system will automatically compare them by important parameters.

ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - Compare function

Features section

ZuluTrade has useful features for communication and the exchange of opinions among its online members.

So, on the Social Charts page, traders discuss the latest changes in the market and post their deals, which are displayed on an interactive chart. Here you can select the market you are interested in. For example, the EUR/USD pair, post trades by yourself, follow the transactions of other traders, comment on publications.

ZuluTrade Copy Trading Platform - Features section

ZuluTrade Automator

The Automator is a useful feature. It is a digital assistant for copying trades on ZuluTrade. You can configure it to perform various automatic actions, for example, to stop trading when a certain income or loss limit is reached. It can also send information via email to alert you to changes in the set parameters. You can set up Automator through your personal account in the Settings section

ZuluGuard allows you to protect your account from severe losses. It stops copying the trader and closes all open positions if the set risk parameters are violated.

Pros and cons of copying traders on ZuluTrade

In conclusion, we highly appreciated the well-designed traders’ profiles and statistics, and there are also useful extra advisors on automation and risk management on the platform.

The sparse number of trader-managers could be considered a disadvantage of ZuluTrade. The number of subscribers exceeds 1,000 with only a few professional traders at the time of this review. That is significantly lower than on eToro, for example.
  • Blog and forum are rarely updated
  • Advanced filters are ineffective

How to find the right trader to copy on ZuluTrade

There are several ways to search for traders to copy on ZuluTrade. The first method is the simplest and perhaps the most practical. The developers have already collected the most successful traders by different parameters in the Top Traders section, described above. It’s much easier to choose worthy ones among them.

However, please follow these rules:

Pay attention not just to the maximum profitability, but also to the maximum drawdown. The smaller it is, the more stable the trader.
Pay attention to the rating among traders and the number of subscribers. Information ripples through quickly inside the ZuluTrade social trading platform, and if there are any problems with the trader's trading stability, then it is unlikely that he will get approval and popularity.

The second way is to use the advanced ZuluTrade filter in the All Traders section. In practice, however, it doesn’t work very well. For example, (we did not choose the most complicated parameters):

  • 1
    Has been trading on the platform for over a year (this is necessary to assess the stability of the performance);
  • 2
    Ranked among the top 100 traders;
  • 3
    Evaluated by investors;
  • 4
    It has photos and strategy validated.

As a result, the system showed the result, which was that no traders were found for such parameters.

How to copy on ZuluTrade

When we tried to adjust the selection of traders by the parameters of the maximum drawdown, the result was the same. So, it's better to use the recommendations of the platform and other participants.

How to start copy trading on ZuluTrade

Once you've figured out how to find traders to copy trades on ZuluTrade, it's time to start subscribing and choosing copy options. It is quite simple. Just click the Follow button in the profile of the signal provider.

Here you can set the amount by which the trader's transactions shall be copied on your account.

How to copy traders on ZuluTrade

Click on the Switch to Advanced link in the upper right corner of the same window if you want to configure the parameters in more detail. Here you can set the ZuluGuard capital protection parameters, the maximum number of open positions, and set the drawdown level in percentages After attaining such a level, you will receive an email.

Does that sound good? Click Follow.

How to follow traders on ZuluTrade

You can track the traders’ results in your personal account. Find the list of traders you are copying to ZuluTrade in ‘My Entire Portfolio’. By clicking on the icon next to the trader's photo, you can remove it from the subscription or close all transactions. When the trading history is sufficient, the overall statistics of the portfolio and each trader you copy will appear immediately.

ZuluTrade - My entire portfolio

The Guide on opening an account on ZuluTrade

You can test a lot of Many ZuluTrade functions even without opening an account, but we recommend using the demo first to explore your personal account and learn how to copy trades.

Opening a demo on the ZuluTrade platform is easy enough and takes only a few minutes.
Step 1

Enter the login and password, then select the type of account, either Profit Sharing or Classic. ZuluTrade recommends choosing Profit Sharing for novice traders, however, most brokers work with the Classic plan. You can also manually select the account currency, the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:1.000, and the number of funds for testing from $3,000 to $1 million.

Opening account on ZuluTrade – Step 1
Step 2

You will get an email to confirm the action. After clicking on the link, you are ready to start copying traders on ZuluTrade. Now the personal account is opened for you and you will be offered to view the instructions on your personal account or get straight to the point.

Opening account on ZuluTrade - Step 2

Personal account

The personal account at ZuluTrade is very functional. Here you will find the panels with the main account parameters and copying statistics.

Opening account on ZuluTrade - Personal account

In the account parameters, include your personal data; also in the Settings parameters, you can configure Automator and advanced copying settings for each trader-manager.

Opening account on ZuluTrade - Setting parameters

Check all open orders and the history of transactions in the Positions parameters. Here you can independently close any open transaction.

Opening account on ZuluTrade - Positions and parameters

Opening a real account

When opening a real account, you will also need to link your ZuluTrade account with a brokerage account on the MT4 or ZTP terminal. If you already have a brokerage account, go to the technical details. If you don’t have an account, Zulu will offer you to open an account with one of the partner brokers.

Zulutrade - Opening a real account

ZuluTrade account types

As we already mentioned, ZuluTrade has 2 account types. They differ mainly in the type of commission charged and the brokers supporting it.

Profit sharing

The target audience
is novice traders and investors who want to trade in full automatic mode
for copying any trader is 25%
Manual Trading
Access to Combos+
Minimum deposit
from $0 to $500, depending on the broker
Supported by
9 brokers, including the most famous one - Tickmill


The target audience
is professional traders
The commission
is $20 per lot on average; depends on broker’s partner
Manual Trading
Access to Combos+
Minimum deposit
from $1 to $2,000 depending on the broker
Supported by
32 brokers, including AvaTrade, IC Markets, Swissquote, Axi, Oanda.

Top 10 brokers working with ZuluTrade:

Brokers Minimum deposit Regulators Platform
1 AvaTrade $500 ASIC, Central Bank of Ireland MT4
2 FXCM $50 FCA Trading Station
3 Swissquote $2,000 FCA MT4
4 IC Markets $200 ASIC MT4
5 EverFX $250 CySEC, CIMA MT4
6 Weltrade $100 IFSC MT4
7 Axi $200 ASIC MT4
8 Oanda $0 CFTC MT4
9 InstaForex $1 CySEC, FSC MT4

Can I make money by copying traders on ZuluTrade?

Yes. ZuluTrade is a platform where you can make money for sure. The successful traders’ selection with acceptable risk profile parameters is not as great as on eToro, but there are 1-2 dozen promising signal providers at the top of this platform. It is desirable to form a portfolio of subscriptions to several traders, set the parameters of risk management and capital protection in ZuluGuard to increase the chances of making money.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that social trading, like any other investment area, implicates a risk of loss. This should be taken into account when deciding to start copying traders on ZuluTrade.

What are ZuluTrade fees?

Commission fees on ZuluTrade depend on 2 components, such as the type of account and the broker through which you are connected to ZuluTrade.

Profit Sharing
The commission for copying any trader is 25% of the income on the type of Profit-Sharing account. Also on this account, you need to pay for a monthly subscription of $30.
The commission depends on the selected partner broker and it averages $20 per lot on the Classic account.

Is ZuluTrade social trading platform safe?

Yes, we believe the ZuluTrade platform is safe as it is regulated by three reputable regulatory authorities as an investment advisor:

Greece and EU
Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (HCMC), registration number 2/540/17-2-2010.
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
Kanto Financial Bureau (KFB)

The company is part of a holding that also includes an EU-regulated AAAFX broker.


According to the review, the social trading platform ZuluTrade is among the largest copy trading services. Reliable regulation, an intuitive interface, and several useful extra services are to its benefit. ZuluTrade can be seen as a tool for getting extra income, learning from experience, and communicating within the trading community.

However, some peculiarities indicate that ZuluTrade is subordinate to the leader in the social trading platforms ranking, which is eToro. The choice of managers on ZuluTrade is smaller, and the filter for detailed customization of the search is ineffective.

Expert review

Just a while ago it seemed that ZuluTrade could compete with eToro for the pinnacle of copy trading services. However, the company has lost the lead and is now inferior in most parameters.

Yes, it is quite possible to make money on ZuluTrade and there are many examples of this. But it also depends on the brokers’ terms. While the parent broker AAAFX has acceptable fees, in many other cases the increased spread can “eat up” a significant part of your income.

Antony Robertson
Antony Robertson, Traders Union Financial Analyst

ZuluTrade social trading platform reviews


Jordan Clapton, 29, Trenton

I’ve copied trades to ZuluTrade via AvaTrade. The selection of managers is worse than on eToro, but there are excellent professionals that any eToro trader could envy. I’ve been working with 3-4 traders whose strategies I understand well for over a year. There have never been deep drawdowns and I managed to earn about 5-6% per month.


Ulysses Clifford, 42, New York

What I really like at ZuluTrade is that there is always a choice of brokers to work with. I gained experience here watching the pros and studying their trades. After some time of copying, I switched to independent trading and I’m already thinking about whether I should become a manager.


Dan Peterson, 57, Boston

I’m disappointed in ZuluTrade. It seems like the trader's profitability is huge, and as soon as you start copying, it turns out that the commission eats up most of the profit. Also, traders screw up and allow drawdowns. It just got under my skin. In my mind, it is better to buy an index and wait for what happens. Especially now, when everything is going well even without managers.


Which brokers work with ZuluTrade?

In total, the company cooperates with over 30 brokers. Such well-known brokers as AvaTrade, IC Markets, and Tickmill are among them. Visit the ZuluTrade social trading platform website for a complete list of partners.

What are the average profit margins on ZuluTrade?

This broker doesn’t provide such data. Moreover, the profitability of traders in the past doesn’t guarantee the replication of the results in the future. When starting work, you should consider that you can both make good money and also lose.

What are the alternatives to ZuluTrade?

Read more about the rating of social trading platforms in the article on our portal. Today, according to our experts, eToro is the leader among such services.