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Who are the Best PAMM Forex Brokers?

This is a specialized mechanism for the functioning of a trading account in the Forex market, involving the transfer of account funds under the management of another person (trustee). Forex PAMM brokers are companies that, in addition to direct trading, allow traders to invest in other traders.

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Main features of PAMM Forex Brokers

Any trader can invest in a PAMM account (in this case he is called an investor). Also, any trader can open a PAMM account himself so that others can invest in it (in this case he is called the manager).

Any number of traders can invest in one PAMM account, but there can be no more than one manager. A key restriction is that the manager cannot transfer money from the PAMM account to his own account.

The manager does not interact at all with the PAMM account outside of target transactions. It means that he invests in orders from his own account, and investors’ funds are proportionally added to his rate.

Who are the Best PAMM Forex Brokers? Who are the Best PAMM Forex Brokers?

Under the PAMM approach, the manager risks his own funds first, thereby motivating him to make more prudent trading decisions at reasonable rates because it is directly beneficial to the manager that his trading decisions are successful.

For investors, this method greatly simplifies Forex trading because apart from depositing the cash, nothing is required from them. All decisions are made by the manager, but everyone is equally at risk.

If the order is successful, investors take their winnings minus the percentage that is charged in favor of the manager for his services. Thus, all participants in the PAMM account profit.

Systems of Forex PAMM brokers in 2021 are significantly different from those systems that traders used 5-10 years ago. At that time, systems were called LAMM accounts - Lot Allocation Management Module. The difference is that with the LAMM system the manager’s order is simply duplicated for each investor. That is, investors deposit an amount equal to the amount deposited by the investor. Using this system is advisable only when the amount of funds in the accounts of all participants are approximately the same.

PAMM accounts are popular because orders are not copied. The investor’s rate can be any percentage. If it is less, he risks less money, but the profit in case he wins will also be lower. Rates for investors are usually determined by the manager. Note that different PAMM brokers may have different conditions.


the manager of the PAMM account is an experienced trader who receives a percentage of investors’ investments from each successful trade. Investors are also traders, but they do not want to trade on their own. Their funds for trading are used by a more experienced market player, and in return, investors give the manager a small percentage of the profit. Therefore, if the manager is successful, the PAMM account gives all participants a stable income, and for investors, this is a passive income.

TOP 3 PAMM Brokers in 2021

An important feature of modern Forex PAMM brokers is that their systems are automated. In other words, the investor needs only select a manager from the list and invests with him. The manager makes bets, and the system independently distributes funds and profits. That is why PAMM accounts are the best passive income option that a Forex broker can offer.

As previously mentioned, different brokers have their own conditions. This is also true regarding PAMM accounts. It is important to understand that only part of the capabilities of a PAMM account is determined by the Forex broker. The conditions for participation are determined by the manager. However, the broker's trading decisions remain important. Therefore, the success of investments in PAMM accounts depends primarily on him.

To help you choose from hundreds of brokers in the market, we have selected the Three Best Forex PAMM Brokers of 2021.

  • Roboforex

    One of the oldest and most famous Forex brokers has been operating since 2009. It has the most advanced PAMM-account system called RAMM (Risk Allocation Management Model). The broker's activities are regulated by the Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). The broker works with all trading platforms and its minimum deposit is $10.

  • FxPro

    This company was registered in 2006 in Cyprus. It is regulated and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB), the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and the South African Financial Conduct Service Authority (FSCA). Upon request, FxPro clients can become members of the MAM (Multi-Account Manager) system.

  • IC Markets

    This company started its operations in 2007 in Sydney, Australia. The company is licensed to provide financial services (AFSL) and is also regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). IC Markets offers its clients an "Investment Manager" program, which provides consulting services on participating in the MAM, PAMM, and LAMM systems.

What is a RAMM Account?

RAMM stands for Risk Allocation Management Model. Many Forex brokers use this system, but the names may be slightly different. Technically these are minor variations on the PAMM accounts, with only a few differences.

The main difference is that the investor chooses the conditions for the participation of his funds in the auction. First, he can choose several PAMM accounts at once, distributing funds between them while applying individualized conditions to each account. This is a crucial point because it allows him to minimize risks based on the theory that the loss of one manager is offset by the gain of another. Next, the investor can also adjust other risk parameters, such as conditions that govern allowable drawdowns. When the indicators reach a predetermined level, trading in the funds of this investor stops (other investors can continue to participate if their conditions are different).

What is a RAMM Account?

TOP 10 Best Brokers for Managed Forex Accounts

Another feature of modern PAMM accounts is that the trading platform is divided into units that combine the accounts of the manager and those of all his investors. Under this approach, any financial transaction changes the balance of each participating account because, at the end of the trading period, profits are proportionally distributed across all accounts without the participation of the manager and investors. Investors receive their interest, and the manager also receives a commission for his services. Naturally, any loss is also distributed among all accounts, although in some systems the main share of the loss falls on the manager.

This is a list of the Top Forex PAMM Brokers for 2021:

Broker Minimum Investment Amount Broker’s type of PAMM system Traders Union rebate on PAMMs
$100 МАМ Up to $20
$1000 PAMM $6 per lot
$10 RAMM 40% of the broker's income
$200 МАМ $1,6 per lot
$1 PAMM Up to $1,6
$10 PAMM 12% of the commission
$300 PAMM Up to $9,6
$5 PAMM Up to $4,8
$200 PAMM Up to $7
$50 PAMM 56% of commission / spread

What is a MAM Account?

The abbreviation MAM stands for Multi-Account Manager. This is also a typical trust management scheme when the managing trader receives funds from special accounts of investors at his disposal.

The difference between PAMM and RAMM accounts is that the manager’s responsibility is increased because investors do not make decisions under this scheme. The investor only transfers his money into a special account and selects his desired degree of risk. The manager does everything else and the MAM account allows him to use a higher leverage.

Accordingly, MAM accounts are preferred by investors who are risk-tolerant. Here, the investor can’t diversify risks in any way (except for simple distribution between and among several MAM accounts), but the profit from a trading win will be much higher compared to a standard PAMM account. MAM accounts are easier for the investor because it requires a minimum of attention or participation.

What is a MAM Account?

How to Choose a Reliable Broker to Open a PAMM Account?

The Top Forex PAMM brokers in 2021 have been compiled by the experts at Traders Union to help you make an informed selection that is best for you. To do that, you must take into account (i) the reliability of the broker and (ii) the functionality of the PAMM account.

Moreover, not everyone will benefit from using a RAMM system with multiple settings. It’s easier for someone to work with the classic versions of PAMM accounts or simplified MAM accounts, where you only need to select a manager (or managers) and indicate the limit of funds that you desire to invest.

If you want to understand the situation in more detail, here is a list of our recommendations and parameters to consider when selecting a Forex broker that offers PAMM accounts.

  • Year founded

    The older the broker, the more experienced he is, the more extensive his functionality is, and the better he is insulated from external economic risks (e.g., global economic crisis). It is not recommended to work with companies that are younger than 3-5 of age.

  • The age of the site

    This is a crucial parameter that many people fail to consider. A brokerage company must operate under a license that is associated with an official website. That is, if a broker claims to have been working for 15 years, but the domain of his site was registered in 2017, then he is already deceiving you. You can check the domain age through specialized services.

  • Regulators

    A regulator is an organization that regulates the activities of a broker. It monitors its tax reporting, transparency of operations, compliance with laws, and obligations to traders. The regulator can be international or local, and the license number can be verified on the official website of the regulator.

  • Minimum deposit

    Please note that for Forex brokers, the minimum deposit often depends on the type of account you are going to open. PAMM accounts can have their own minimum deposits, and if they exceed $500, then a novice investor should consider another option since it is not wise to risk trading large funds while getting started in the Forex market.

  • Payment system

    Most brokerage companies work with VISA and MasterCard. But sometimes it can be more profitable to deposit or withdraw funds through Skrill, wire transfer, Neteller, or other payment systems. Some brokers work with checks. Always double-check the size of the commission to prevent overpayment.

Forex brokers, of course, have other parameters, but they do not relate to the trust management system, so we will not consider them in this article. However, you should pay attention to another parameter, “Deposit Bonus”. These bonuses are substantial at many brokers, but may not apply to PAMM accounts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PAMM Brokers

The Forex market offers a huge variety of investment options. Indeed, if we exclude direct trading and affiliate programs for really large investors, then there are only two possibilities — this is trade copying and PAMM accounts. Trade copying is, as the name implies, direct duplication of an order from one trader to another, plus a commission, of course, if the transaction is successful.

Forex PAMM brokers sometimes offer trade copying services, but today most companies specialize in PAMM accounts because PAMM accounts are more popular among professionals and beginners. Trade copying is more of an application tool that allows you to learn the basic Forex strategies and hone your skills at the expense of a more experienced partner.

👍 Advantages of Forex PAMM account brokers

  • A PAMM account is comprised of the combined accounts of the manager and his investors. Since the manager risks his own funds on an equal footing with his investors, this ensures that he will act prudently when trading in the Forex market. In other words, the manager is more likely to be keen on the success of each transaction.
  • All modern PAMM systems on brokerage platforms are equipped with automated security systems. These systems are based on restrictions on operations that a manager can perform with investors' accounts. Technically, he can only include the agreed amounts from these accounts in his orders. He cannot withdraw unauthorized funds from his investors’ accounts, or otherwise, interact with said accounts.
  • The first LAMM accounts appeared more than 10 years ago and were quite different because the investor could not interact with his own account until the end of the period defined by the manager. Modern PAMM accounts (including MAM systems) are much more flexible today because they allow the investor to withdraw funds from the LAMM account at any time.
  • PAMM Forex brokers recommend that all their investors diversify risks by simply distributing funds over several PAMM accounts. There is no limit to the number of investors a manager can work with. As a result, if your funds are distributed between, say, three PAMM-accounts and Manager “A” loses his money because of a bad investment, you will still be a winner as long as Managers “B” and “C” have successful trades.
  • PAMM accounts are 100% transparent. This means that every investor always knows exactly where his funds are located, and in which trade orders they are a part of. Also, detailed statistics are maintained on all trades and updated frequently. Some managers additionally share their proposed strategy with their investors, especially if they are using a RAMM account.

👎 Disadvantages of Forex PAMM account brokers

  • The working conditions for a specific PAMM account are determined by the manager. He can set a limit on the amount available for input, as well as limit the number of participating investors.
  • PAMM accounts require additional software and a legally sophisticated risk management system. For the investor and manager, this does not matter, but it somewhat complicates the work of the broker.


Forex PAMM brokers offer the best option for investing in professional players in the international currency market. This is really a profitable step for those who do not want to trade themselves but wish to successfully invest money with the maximum diversification of risks while receiving stable passive income.

Investments in PAMM as a Source of Passive Income: Expert’s Opinion

Comments are by Traders Union trader-analyst Antony Robertson.

PAMM accounts are not an alternative to trade copying. This is a strictly separate option for investing in the Forex market. It is suitable for traders who do not want to trade for themselves. The main advantages of PAMM accounts as a form of trust management are also the convenience of modern software and the legislatively defined transparency of brokers.

PAMM investment security

A positive or negative answer to the question of how safe it is to invest in trust systems is determined by only one criterion — how much do you reasonably trust your Forex PAMM broker and account manager. If the broker has been working for 10-15 years, it is licensed by an official regulator, offers many trading instruments, and its technical support responds promptly, then this is a reliable company. It is safe to work with a reliable company.

Risks of investing in PAMM accounts

It is important to understand that investing in PAMM accounts does not exclude standard Forex market risks. Even the most successful traders can lose, everyone has an occasional bad streak. Nevertheless, the PAMM system significantly reduces the risk of the loss of funds, as the decision is made by a professional. And the distribution of funds across several accounts provides a significant reduction in risks since a failure at a certain stage of one experienced trader is more than compensated by the successful trades of others. Nevertheless, you must understand that the manager is human and will make mistakes occasionally. Therefore, do not invest all your savings in just one PAMM account.

Reviews by Traders on PAMM Brokers

The Top 10 Best Forex PAMM Brokers for 2021 is not based only on the terms and conditions that the PAMM brokers offer. One of the main criteria for creating this list is the feedback of traders who have already worked with a particular broker. Study the reviews and consider the following nuances.

You definitely won’t find negative reviews on an illegitimate broker's official website for obvious reasons, so it’s better not to try to read them there.

The responses of traders presented below are especially valuable because Traders Union is an international voluntary association of traders that works independently. Therefore you will find only the most objective reviews of PAMM brokers without any censorship.

The broker eToro casts itself as an online social trading platform with a unique proprietary platform. I was interested so I opened an account and connected to CopyTrader. The boasted platform is no different from other similar offers. The investor connects to the account of a professional trader, and his transactions are copied in automatic mode. However, an investor can copy transactions of no more than 100 traders. It is still not clear to me why the broker applies such limits. In general, eToro does not offer any special conditions, so I am going to change from this broker.



I bought into eToro's licenses issued by such reputable regulators as CySEC, FCA, and ASIC. Moreover, the company has an office in the USA, which is an additional guarantee of reliability for me. The broker offers a wide variety of trading instruments. Except for transactions with currencies, it is possible to purchase contracts for fractional shares, that is, to invest amounts less than the cost of one share. I am testing the trading platform while copying transactions. When there are no problems with withdrawals I will invest in contracts.



During my work with IС Markets, I have a blast and an amazing experience. I began to study trading and was adopted by my trading strategy. The Earnings Process was easy to use but it has slowly changed. It is still a great process. Thanks to the project, I continue to earn money through my trading and their affiliate program. A great place to trade!



The company is a big shot in the Forex Market and I’ve known them for a long time.After I was upset by my two previous brokers, I decided to change them and decided to work with IC Markets. I started working in the financial market with my friend. Only he continues to work as a trader and independently earns in the financial market, but I decided to quit trading. I have no doubts about the reliability of the broker. I was glad to cooperate with them. I highly recommend it!



I wrote this review based on the results of my work in this company for over 4 years. For people looking for a broker for work, for those who need reliability, quality of execution, and the adequacy of staff, I can say that FxPro fully meets these criteria. Their only negative feature is the speed of their money transfers. It can be frustrating when you send money a card, and then you have to wait an hour to be credited to the deposit. What's just great is there is no attempt at dishonesty. There is simply nothing like it. If you trade and good execution are important to you - the company is 100% suitable for this. The Ctrader trading platform is striking in speed. The shares are traded without swaps. The great thing, I got everyone hooked on "interest." We made a package of 10 different companies and are testing strategies. Their level of service is at the level of all reputable companies.


San Antonio

About the Author of This Review on Forex PAMM Brokers

Flynn Simpson
Flynn Simpson
Independent analyst-trader
  • In 2004, he graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics; Specialization - state and municipal administration;
  • From 2008 to 2012, he worked as a junior trader-analyst in the American brokerage company TD Ameritrade;
  • From 2012 to 2017, he worked as a senior and then freelance trader-analyst at Interactive Brokers, the oldest international brokerage company;
  • From December 2017 till present, he works as an independent trader-analyst and freelance specialist with the Traders Union trader association;
  • He has18 years of personal experience in the Forex market.

FAQs Regarding PAMM Accounts

Why should I invest in PAMM accounts?

Because it is one of the safest ways to invest in the Forex market. It does not exclude all risks but allows you to diversify them. Also, being an investor does not require special knowledge, only the desire to receive passive income.

Is a PAMM account better than trade copying?

This is not a fair question because these are fundamentally different investment methods. When copying trades, you make the final decision on the order yourself, while duplicating the order (fully or partially) from another trader. On a PAMM account, you completely trust a professional, but often you can set some permissible parameters.

Why is it advisable to split funds between several PAMM accounts?

This is the main method of diversification of financial risks, which is recommended by all Forex PAMM brokers. During distribution, if one of the managers loses, you can still make a profit from those who win at the same time.

What is the difference between Forex PAMM brokers?

Terms and conditions are the main difference, which comprises: a minimum deposit, a trading platform, parameters available for viewing on PAMM accounts, etc. Also, functional differences can be part of the PAMM system. To make the right choice, use the rating of the Best Forex PAMM brokers 2021 from Traders Union.