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Forex Analytics by Traders Union

April 2021

Forex analytical forecasts use modern market development strategies.

Serious traders must practice studying the market from the outside. Forex analytical forecasting is one of the most important and effective tools to achieve that goal. It collects information about the state of the market, tracks market changes, and takes into account fundamental data and technical analyses. An increase in income is possible only if the expert has unique skills to rise to the challenge of difficult situations and avoid the risk of disappointment.

Forex analytical forecasts use modern market development strategies.

Forex analytical forecasts will help you to learn the techniques of making a reliable forecast each day. You will be better equipped to make good decisions if the assessment of events is objective. These are the important points that should be considered:


interest rates offered by central banks;


the unemployment rate;


macroeconomic factors reflecting the state of the national economy;


the rate of inflation;


the rise or decline in stock markets.

Actual Forex forecasts

Fundamental and technical analyses

What is technical analysis? At this stage, the study of prices is the most important element. Each trader should carefully study the price margins, summarize the results, and anticipate the price’s future behavior. Forex forecasts can help you do all that and more.

Fundamental analysis comprises an in-depth examination of political, macroeconomic, and social events. It is necessary to monitor the decline or growth of economies of countries or regions.

Free and paid analytics

Forex forecasts include paid and free services. In the first case, companies of independent experts often rush in to help, but they aren't interested in the results of trading on the international market. Such information is characterized by elite quality; therefore, it must be compiled by top-tier professionals. Compare that with the fact that most brokers use free analytics in their work.

Here, the expected entry and exit points to the market are clearly marked, and the development of trading for a certain day is predicted. Be careful when choosing. Your search will not be in vain if you pay attention to the efficiency of the forecasts of various experts and make the appropriate conclusions. The skill to properly evaluate the analysis of Forex trends is not only highly appreciated by clients, but can also significantly increase capital in the future. Forex forecasts the latest world news from leading experts. This is your way to achieve splendid victories. Always check for updates!

Free and paid analytics


How to start making money on Forex?

Choose a reliable broker for cooperation to start making money on the Forex market. Remember, Top brokers always make our rating.

How to trade for profit?

Follow all the financial market events to become a successful trader. Open a trading account with a broker through the Traders Union rebate service to get payments, even for unprofitable transactions.

How much can you earn on Forex through Traders Union?

Calculate your extra income using the "Income Calculator" service located in the "Trader’s Income" section. Open a trading account and get extra profit every day.

What do you need to start making money at the Traders Union?

Open a trading account with any Traders Union’s partner-broker. Add this account number to the "Accounts" section of your personal account in the Union and wait for the account confirmation. Start trading.