Forex analytics by IAFT

Аналитика Форекс

Forex analytical forecast – current stages of the market development

Any trader believes that it is extremely important to explore the market from the sidelines. FX analytics – is one of the most crucial and effective tools for this task. It involves acquisition of the market information and tracking of the market changes taking into account fundamental data and technical analysis. The increase of income will only be possible if an expert can find solutions for difficult situations, while avoiding the risk of suffering a loss.

Forex trading analytics will help master the techniques of firm forecasting for every day. The right decision can only be made if the assessment of the events is objective. The following important points should be considered:

  • Interest rates offered by central banks;
  • Unemployment level;
  • Macroeconomic factors indicating the performance of national economies;
  • Inflation rate;
  • Increase or decrease of stock markets.

Exclusive IAFT analytics

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