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2020-05-05   Aggravation of US-PRC Relations May Trigger a New Phase of Trade War (Weekly Review)

2020-04-29   Last Week Will Be Remembered by Negative Oil Quotes (Weekly Review)

2020-04-21   Demand for the USD Remains, And Oil Continues to Fall (Weekly Review)

2020-04-14   USD Was Declining, and Oil Remained Under Pressure (Weekly Review)

2020-04-07   Relative Calmness Returned to the Financial Markets (Weekly Review)

2020-03-31   Stock Indices Gained Back Part of the Losses, and the USD Was Subject to Sale (Weekly Review)

2020-03-24   Sales of Stocks and Oil Continue (Weekly Review)

2020-03-17   The Market Panic Remains (Weekly Review)

2020-03-10   The Week of Panic in the Markets (Weekly Review)

2020-03-03   Week of Collapse in the Stock Markets, Oil Futures, Kiwi, and Aussie (Weekly Review)

2020-02-25   Stock Markets Are Under Bearish Control, and Precious Metals Are Under Bullish Control (Weekly Review)

2020-02-18   The USD Remains Strong, While Gold and Stock Indices Rise (Weekly Review)

2020-02-11   Coronavirus Puts Pressure on Oil, and Brexit - on the GBP (Weekly Review)

2020-02-05   The GBR Rose Before Brexit, and Declined Afterwards (Weekly Review)

2020-01-28   China Virus Was the Main Driving Force on the Market Last Week (Weekly Review)

2020-01-21   The USD is Still Strong (Weekly Review)

2020-01-14   The GBP is Sold Again (Weekly Review)

2019-12-30   The USD Was Subject to Sale (Weekly Review)

2019-12-24   The GBP Lost Everything Gained Before, and the EUR is under Pressure (Weekly Review)

2019-12-18   The GBP Rose by the End of the Week (Weekly Review)