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2019-07-23   In Anticipation of the ECB Meeting Traders Continue to Sell the EUR (Weekly Review)

2019-07-15   Jerome Powell Weakened Position of the USD (Weekly Review)

2019-07-09   Strong US Employment Data Allowed the USD to Win Back Some of the Losses (Weekly Review)

2019-07-02   USD Slowed Down Dropping (Weekly Review)

2019-06-24   USD Bulls Capitulated (Weekly Review)

2019-06-18   GBP and EUR Are Still Sold for USD (Weekly Review)

2019-06-11   The Fall of the USD Against Some of Its Competitors Can Be Used for Buying (Weekly Review)

2019-06-04   Investors Avoid Risking (Weekly Review)

2019-05-27   British Pound is Vulnerable to Political Instability (Weekly Review)

2019-05-21   GBP is Among Last Week Outsiders (Weekly Review)

2019-05-13   US - China Trade Talks Are Still the Focus of Investors (Weekly Review)

2019-05-06   USD Closed the Week With Decrease (Weekly Review)

2019-05-03   ​Euro and Pound Decreased Last Week (Weekly Review)

2019-04-23   The Pound and the Euro Are Falling Again (Weekly Review)

2019-04-16   Last Week Events Did Not Revive the Currency Market (Weekly Review)

2019-04-09   Foreign Exchange Market Volatility Remains Low (Weekly Review)

2019-04-01   The Pound is Still Waiting for Brexit Outcome (Weekly Review)

2019-03-26   The US Federal Reserve Crashed the USD, but It Was Bought Out (Weekly Review)

2019-03-19   British Pound Nervousness Remains (Weekly Review)

2019-03-12   ECB Added the Euro Some Negative (Weekly Review)