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Registration Agreement

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Risk statement

Contracts or financial instruments offered for your consideration are highly risky and may lead to the loss of the deposited funds in full. Before making trades, you should assess and evaluate all attendant risks.

Traders Union does not provide investment assistance services using an investment platform. Traders Union is not a Broker and does not provide access to Forex, the international foreign exchange market.

Registration Agreement

This Agreement is between the Traders Union (hereinafter referred to as "Traders Union"), IAFT Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), and the user (hereinafter referred to as the "Client").

The Subject of this Agreement:

  • 1

    By registering on the Trade Union website and adding data on a trading account opened with a particular brokerage company (hereinafter referred to as the “Broker”), the Client authorizes Traders Union and the Company to be his partners and recognizes himself as an affiliate (i.e., the Client who was brought to a Broker). By registering on the Traders Union website and accepting the current Agreement, the Client confirms his consent to receive emails from the Union, which he can unsubscribe from in his personal account on the website, under "Subscription Management".

  • 2

    Under this Agreement, the Company shall pay the Client 80% of the funds received as a partner fee from Brokers after confirming the Client's account on the Traders Union website. By accepting this Agreement, the Client confirms that he agrees to receive payments (80% of the partner's fee) from the Company after confirming the account on the Traders Union website. All claims and applications from the Client for receiving payments of 80% of the partner's fee for the period when the account was not added or confirmed on the Traders Union website are considered invalid and are not accepted by the Company.

  • 3

    The Client agrees that all payments to his account are made by the Company once a month or once a day (depending on the scheme of accruals for a particular Broker) and may be delayed or canceled in case of force majeure or other circumstances such as:

    3.1. Bankruptcy of the Broker the Client had an account with.

    3.2. The Broker, on whose website the Client opened his trading account, canceled its trades or partner accruals on them in connection with the Client’s violation of the regulations that govern conducting during trading operations, the Client Agreement, or the Broker's trading rules.

    3.3. Technical errors of the Broker on whose website the Client opened his trading account, as a result of which payments of accruals due to the Company were canceled.

  • 4

    The Client relieves the Company of all responsibility for unreceived and lost profits or missed income.

  • 5

    Traders Union guarantees that the Client's personal information will not be transferred to third parties.

  • 6

    Traders Union is not responsible for violations committed by the Client on his trading account when trading in the Forex market.

  • 7

    Traders Union is not responsible for the results of the Client's trading activity on the accounts opened with the Broker.

  • 8

    The Client agrees that the Company makes payments once a month or once a day (depending on the accrual scheme for a particular Broker) no later than 10 days from the date specified in the "Accrual Calendar" section. The Client agrees to release the Company from this obligation if the Broker delays payments.

  • 9

    The Client agrees that the Company will refuse to withdraw funds for the current month (before receiving reports from companies), to avoid disruption of calculations and slowing down the process of payments to other Clients.

  • 10

    Traders Union is not responsible for the proper or timely reporting of Brokers and Traders Union makes charges based on data provided by the Broker(s). The Client must resolve disputed issues directly with the Broker where he has an account and trades. However, Traders Union and the Company shall make every effort to help the Client obtain all the necessary information and clarifications.

  • 11

    The Traders Union management may block the Client's account on the website, in cases where the Client takes actions that interfere with the normal functioning of the website, platform, and/or system. This can be opening of support tickets too frequently or with incomprehensible text, spam support tickets, adding incomplete fields of account numbers, entering incorrect account numbers, attempts to duplicate accounts, rudeness to the support service, spam of partner links, lack of correct contact information in the Client's profile and others.

  • 12

    Traders Union may block the Client's account on the website if the Client uses SPAM, which is directly or indirectly related to Traders Union.

  • 13

    The Traders Union guarantees that the services provided are and will remain free of charge, except for those services and fees agreed upon in advance.

  • 14

    Withdrawal of funds to Webmoney wallets occurs in manual mode and requires personal confirmation from the site administrator. If, as a result of a technical problem, the withdrawal of accruals is not made, Traders Union guarantees the renewal of the balance of the personal account on the Traders Union website within three business days.

  • 15

    All information provided on the website is the property of Traders Union Ltd. and should not be redistributed or copied under any circumstances.

  • 16

    The Client has full knowledge of and agrees with the statement about the risks associated with trading on the currency and stock exchanges.

  • 17

    Traders Union retains the right to change or modify this Agreement.

  • 18

    Assistance to the Client during a dispute or controversy with a Broker is provided only if the subject account with the Broker was opened using the Traders Union website and the accrual of the remuneration is confirmed by Traders Union on the account.

  • 19

    The Client shall learn the information below and follow the instructions when working with the site:

    Before adding a trading account number to our system, make sure of the following:

    · If you already have an open account with one of the Brokers presented on the website, first make sure that this Broker allows you to transfer accounts to the group of another partner. You can find out such information in the section “Re-registration of accounts” and in the block “Important” in the profile of each Broker posted on the Traders Union website.

    · Check for the minimum lot the selected Broker allows you to trade, and the conditions of the minimum deposit. This information is in the section "Brokers Review".

    · When opening a new trading account with a Broker through Traders Union, be sure to add the number of this account in the "Accounts" section. If for any reason you forget to do this, the Company will not be able to track your account and, therefore, credit you the money you earned. When adding an account, be sure to indicate its correct number, otherwise, it can greatly complicate the approval of your account by our system. Never give the password for your trading account and your personal account on the Traders Union website to anyone, including your relatives, friends, or strangers. If you have forgotten your password or it has been stolen, contact the Company immediately to resolve this problem or use the password recovery system to change access to your account.

    · When registering your account in our system, be sure to indicate your valid and correct email address, contact phone number, and full name, and date of birth. Such data is not requested by chance since, when withdrawing a large amount from our system, we may request confirmation and verification of your identity.

    · Do not violate the Broker's Trading Operations Regulations on whose website you registered your trading account. Such violations can seriously delay the time for accruing remuneration from Traders Union on your account, and in the worst case, the Broker will cancel the partner payments on the account and exclude your account from the Traders Union partners group.

    · Traders Union is not responsible for violations committed by the Client on the Broker's trading account. Before starting trading on the Broker's account, the Client is obliged to learn the trading conditions of the Broker with whom he opened an account and try not to violate them. In the event of violations recorded, the Broker will contact Traders Union, and the administration of the Union will be forced to make the indicated amendments in the Traders Union database, which may negatively affect the status of the Client and the balance of his personal account on the Traders Union website.

Procedure for calculating rebate remuneration and payments from Traders Union

  • 1

    The rebate remuneration from Traders Union is calculated on the Client's trading account only after it has been confirmed on the website, that is, from the moment the account is added and confirmed. Claims regarding accruals for the period when the account is not in the Traders Union database will not be accepted regardless of whether the account is in the Traders Union partner group or not. If for some reason the Client does not enter an account on the website of the Union for payments, then the Client accepts all responsibility.

  • 2

    The amount of a rebate may differ from the amount indicated on the Traders Union website since the website indicates the size of the net interest. The percentage of remuneration is paid after a deduction of the Traders Union operating expenses. The percentage of payments from Traders Union is calculated automatically according to the financial indicators of the Union for a month, and the deduction from it is directed to cover the following expenses: making payments through payment systems, expenses for maintaining the website, hosting, support services, financial department, tender service, and professional analysts for Traders Union, etc.

  • 3

    Each Client, accepting the terms of the current Agreement and starting to work with Traders Union, confirms that the actual amount of payments to Traders Union’s Clients cannot be appealed or disputed and may differ from the amount indicated on the website.

  • 4

    Accruals on blocked accounts in Traders Union are not carried out. After unlocking the account, the accruals resume as before. Claims from customers regarding accruals while the account was blocked are not considered. Claims for checking accruals made after unblocking the account are accepted for consideration within the time limits for checking accruals for Brokers with daily and monthly payments established by the regulations. In the event of a blocked account, the Client takes responsibility for the time frame for submitting the documents necessary to verify the account and unblock it.

  • 5

    All blocked accounts, as well as accounts in which there was no activity for 6 calendar months, are transferred to the archives section with the cancellation of the balance. After restoring an archived account, the Client may submit a request to check the balance of the account and, if it existed at the time of transferring the account to archives, the Client may apply to restore the balance. The application may be submitted in a free form by contacting the Traders Union support service.

  • 6

    The timing of calculating the rebate, as well as its withdrawal from Traders Union may differ from the terms indicated on the website due to force majeure, or circumstances associated individually with the scheme of work of a particular Broker, as well as with the timing of settlements of this Broker with partners. All questions regarding the timing of the payment of the rebate and the withdrawal of funds from Traders Union, as well as the availability of accruals on a specific account, must be addressed to the financial department of Traders Union.

Procedure for considering claims

  • 1

    All claims from Clients of Traders Union regarding the operation of the site, functionality, services, processing times for withdrawal applications, as well as accruals, must be addressed exclusively to the administration of the Traders Union and will not be resolved in any other way, such as via the involvement of a third party.

  • 2

    All claims regarding accruals for Brokers with daily payments are accepted for consideration by the Traders Union financial department only for the last 7 days of trading, and for companies with monthly payments, the limit is for the last trading month.

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