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AdamG 18.11.2019
I am haunted by the fact that instead of a certificate for brokerage, the former head of the Russian Teletrade presented a copy of his Cypriot employers. How is this possible in employment? Sergey Shamraev is deprived of a license, a criminal case was brought against him in Russia, but Cyprus hired him. It is difficult to understand all these frauds ....

AudreyS 17.11.2019
I used to work in Teletrade and always considered this company to be normal, but due to the fact that some moral monsters fall into leadership positions, you have to quit and change jobs. As in this case, the new director Sergey Shamraev came to us. Everything was fine, worked, and he came and began to force us to replenish customers only for his product in the stock exchange of traders. Everything would be fine, just traders worked on this project, who, according to his team, merged accounts with clients. Therefore, I had to quit in order not to take part in this.

Tori34 15.11.2019
It doesn’t fit my head how Sergey Shamraev with a photocopy of documents was able to get into Teletrade in Cyprus? with his scams, he has already become famous all over the world, but only Europeans apparently do not know anything, how he merged customer accounts through the stock exchange of traders. a real scammer !!!

Amanda34 14.11.2019
I worked in Teletrade until Sergey Shamraev appeared there, because I was not even going to take part in his scams. After all, he immediately came up with his own scheme of deceiving customers, with the help of which traders from the Exchange of traders merged people's accounts. I still do not understand how people are led to such a divorce ???

Betty36 13.11.2019
this jackal is Sergey Shamraev. Teletrade became a rabble of ghouls, because of which a criminal case was brought against him, and Shamraev was deprived of a certificate. after which he escaped and, by deception, got a job in Teletrade Cyprus. how did the Europeans not notice all this? such crooks need to be driven as far as possible.

Mason37 12.11.2019
It is terrible to remember those days when he worked under the guidance of this crook whose name is Sergey Shamraev, he forced us to breed clients so that they replenish the account with specific traders - and, as it turned out, these traders and Shamraev for one, and on the orders of this scammer merged customer accounts.