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TradingView (Trading View) Review 2021

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Features of the company:

real-time quotes for more than 100 thousand assets; technical tools for developing trading systems

About TradingView (Trading View) (TradingView) is an analytical trading platform and a social network for traders designed for the development and testing of trading systems on any type of asset, as well as for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and developing your own brand. The platform allows you to receive information about quotes in real-time, develop unique indicators, and copy strategies to a real account.

  • 13.6 mln

    registered users

  • 31 mln

    live charts

  • 5.7 mln

    trading ideas

The platform operates in more than 30 languages, reaching an audience of 13.6 million registered users. Since 2011, over 31 million live charts have been created on TradingView, and over 5.7 million trading ideas have been published. Quotes come from over 50 global exchanges through the best providers.

TradingView is also a social network for traders where traders may share ideas, learn new things, unite and work together to achieve a common goal. The publication of charts with technical analysis and the possibility of discussing them allows you to find traders with similar interests.

? Advantages:

  • • More than 100+ built-in technical indicators that are not available in MetaTrader 4.

  • • Author's unique indicators with descriptions and practical analysis of strategies.

  • • The ability to create your own indicators based on the platform language.

  • • Trading system simulator and the ability to connect a TradingView demo account to a live account of brokers and partners.

  • • Access to real quotes for over 100 thousand various assets in multiple markets, including futures.

  • • Interactive charts with convenient scaling.

? Disadvantages:

  • • Free test mode after registration is valid for 30 days only.

  • • Sub-quality work of some indicators.

  • • In theory, copying the system to a real account is allowed; but in fact, TradingView has few brokers or partners, so the trading system will have to be manually copied to the terminal. A trader needs to look for a signal in TradingView and open a trade in a brokerage terminal.

  • • There may be a slight difference between the platform and terminal quotes.

Overview of services

TradingView support services are designed to filter assets, find trading ideas, and test new technical analysis tools. They can be used both to create a trading system directly on the TradingView platform and as an auxiliary tool when trading on a brokerage terminal. Let's consider each in more detail.

Trading ideas

Not sure where to start?

This section contains an abundance of trading ideas, grouped into separate classes. Here you can find ideas for technical analysis by choosing any of the proposed indicators. You will see a list of articles and authors dedicated to the selected instrument. You can also choose ideas for a specific asset like currencies, stocks, futures, etc. Each subsection is divided into “Trading Ideas”, “Teaching Ideas” and “Scripts”. If you like an author’s article, subscribe to his articles. review - Ideas


Another option for grouping the information available on the portal is the category of individual markets. Here you can find quotes and up-to-date market information for all types of assets from standard currencies and bonds to cryptocurrencies.

Each subsection has a separate structure. For example, the Markets/Indices subsection has tabs for Major Indices, US Indices, S&P Index Sectors, and Currency Indices. Within each subsection, there are tabs labeled "Overview", "Ideas", "Quotes", etc. Having opened, for example, the XAU gold index, you will find charts of currently-streaming quotes, options for trading ideas (if they are not there, you can add your idea), the composition and components of the index, and technical analysis with the market sentiment indicator. review - Markets


This section contains more than 100 thousand strategies, indicators, and scripts, most of which are copyrighted with open or closed source. All of them are written in Pine and are designed for the TradingView platform. The possibility of their integration into MT4 in MQL should be checked with the authors. When you go to the final tab (for example, Scripts/Oscillators/ADX Indicator), you get access to all articles on ADX, authors’ accounts, and scripts. review - Scripts


Screeners is one of the most useful tools on the platform. It allows you to filter assets according to different criteria and determine the best buy/sell point for an asset. The "Screeners" menu has three tabs - Screeners of Forex assets, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies. In each section, you can filter assets by price, capitalization, price dynamics for a fixed period, etc. You can set alerts when asset quotes enter the range specified for a specific criterion, and you can save all your templates. review - Markets

Comparison of TradingView with other companies

TradingView is a one-of-a-kind platform with almost no competitors. It is not a news portal. The emphasis is on two areas:

  • Providing traders with a complete trading platform with interactive charts, streaming quotes, and a complete set of technical tools.

  • A community of traders — a social network — where everyone can offer something unique from scripts and indicators to trading systems.

Although comparing the platform with other sites will not be entirely appropriate, according to some general criteria TradingView may be compared with competitors.

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Additional tools





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The TradingView platform will attract those who understand or want to understand graphical and technical analysis and also people who are engaged in the professional development of trading systems and who like to test new ideas, communicate, and develop their trading skills.

Detailed review of

TradingView is a simple and comprehensible platform for novices and experts to use for technical analysis. It has everything you need to create trading strategies and test them and make analytical forecasts. A trader does not need to install and adjust separate screeners or other services because TradingView has everything for full-fledged trading. Strategies built on a demo account can be relayed to a real account.

Streaming quotes for more than 100 thousand assets are free. The platform provides the ability to program your own indicators using the Pine language.

TradingView is a social network with professional analytics

TradingView is a platform for developing trading systems based on proprietary indicators and scripts, of which there are more than 100 thousand. There are non-standard timeframes. It can overlay one indicator onto another and export data from a chart. There are dozens of possibilities that you will not find in any other broker’s terminal.

Because TradingView is also a social network focused on earning points to build your brand or reputation, each registered user can broadcast the trading process online, upload scripts or indicators to the public, or have limited access. The more interesting the articles the more useful they are, and the more subscribers the user will have. Thus, he also will have more opportunities to attract money into trust management or sell a trading system or script.

Useful TradingView services:

  • Asset screener.

  • Strategy tester.

  • Reporting calendar.

? Advantages:

  • • TradingView has the most complete set of technical and graphical tools among trading platforms and similar portals.

  • • Supporting services: screener, tester, simulator, etc.

  • • The ability to earn a reputation by publishing trading ideas and strategies and thereby promote your brand.

Traders Union’s guide to getting started with TradingView

Traders Union recommends that you start your acquaintance with TradingView by analyzing the capabilities of additional services from the top menu. This can be done without registration. After that, you may register to get free access to the site’s other functions for 30 days. Then you can go to the "Charts" menu.

In the "Charts" menu, pay attention to the following panels: Assets, Timeframes, Types and Features of Charts, Indicators, Graphic Instruments, and Strategy Tester. Visually, this section corresponds to the functionality of the trading platform. The differences are only in the number of tools and their capabilities.

Types of subscriptions after a 30-day trial period:

  • Basic.

    Free subscription. Available: 12 types of live charts, more than 100 thousand built-in and proprietary indicators, tester, screener, quotes in real-time.

  • Pro.

    No ads. Additionally available: simulator, 2 charts in one window, 10 notifications in the cloud, profile indicators.

  • Pro +.

    Available: 30 notifications in the cloud, 4 charts in one window, indicator calculation based on another indicator.

  • Premium.

    Available: 400 notifications in the cloud, history of 20 thousand bars, and publication of scripts with limited access.

The platform provides a demo account where you can test indicators and trading systems. There is no real account, but system templates can be transferred to the terminal of a TradingView broker-partner.

TradingView Affiliate Program

Tradingview's development policy provides for two types of affiliate programs:

  • For individuals - "Bring a friend". Each person who brings a friend to the platform who signs up for a paid subscription gets $30. Money is credited in the form of coins and can be used for paid subscriptions.

  • For legal entities. The partner receives a referral link through which private users register on the platform. The partner receives up to 30% commission from all payments made by the referral.

TradingView Bonuses

  • Bonuses are not provided in their pure form. After registration, all the functionality of the platform is available for free for 30 days (the basic version remains free). After 30 days, you can purchase a one-month or one-year subscription for extended versions of the platform's functionality.

Learning the trading basics

  • No training is provided. The additional functionality of the platform (main menus) is intuitive. The toolkit of the quotes chart must be studied separately on your own. Individual tips can be found in the traders’ articles of the Trader’s Union.

Technical Toolkit

Tradingview has both built-in technical tools and their templates that can be installed in MT4. In total, the platform has more than 250 indicators and graphical tools, such as volume indicators, automatic Fibonacci correction levels, classic indicators, etc. It also provides functionality for writing your own tradingview indicator template based on the Pine Script language located in the cloud.


This is the section where links to training and information broadcasts are published. They include live trading, theory, and webinars on many topics. Here you can chat with authors and other traders about each topic of the webinar. All webinars are saved. You can watch them in the recording or find the desired webinar by searching key phrases (i.e., "keywords"). If you want to share your broadcast, register and engage the audience with your ideas! review - Broadcasts


This section contains a list of all brokers supported by TradingView. The platform assumes trading through broker-partners. A trader develops a strategy and tests it on a demo account built into the platform. Traders' orders can then be placed using just a few clicks with a broker-partner on a live account. This solves several questions:

  • Combining quotes.

    This model eliminates the problem of the difference between the broker and TradingView quotes, which is of fundamental importance in scalping and when using short timeframes.

  • Saving time.

    A trader does not need to transfer the strategy to his platform (for example, MT4), and thereby risking accidentally pressing the wrong button when trading resulting in a waste of time.

There is only one condition. The trader must be verified by the broker-partner. Unfortunately, the list of brokers-partners is very short. review - Brokers


One of the most important TradingView items is the Charts section. This is where access to real-time quotes for over 100,000 assets is made available.

This is an analog of a trading platform. Here you can:

  • 1

    Select an asset by ticket. There are filters according to the criteria of the type of assets, exchange-traded assets, quotes from different suppliers, etc. Use different timeframes, scroll (unfortunately "gray plus" and "gray minus" do not work here) for scaling.

  • 2

    Choose any indicator or graphical instrument. Make a full analysis and create a trading strategy.

Without registration, the quotes chart is blocked after 5-7 minutes. It can be updated, but all installed tools will disappear. Therefore, our advice is to register. Registration is free and takes no more than 10 minutes. Further use of the functionality is free for 30 days for the basic version. review - Chart

Personal account

Registration is required but the account is free. Without registration, you can learn and test the platform's support services, as well as read the Union’s publications. But access to streaming quotes is limited. A few minutes after opening the chart, a window with a proposal to register will appear.

After registration, all platform functionality will be available free of charge for 30 days. Then you will be offered several subscription options or a free basic version with limited access.

How to register:

  • 1

    On the main page, click the "Login" button. In the opened tab at the bottom, select the item "Registration".

  • 2

    Enter the Username, email address, confirm the registration using the link provided. Registration is now omplete.

In your personal account, the same menu is available as on the main page without registration, as well as statistics on reputation and published ideas:

Here you can also subscribe to interesting authors, join an affiliate program, etc. Access to technical tools is available in the "Chart" category.



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Reviews of TradingView (

An ideal resource for analyzing quotes and for working with charts. Nowhere else is there such convenient scalability. I can quickly find the part of history I need for any instrument, and increase it. While in the same MT4 I need to scroll through the chart for a long time on different timeframes. There are many useful unique indicators and interesting reviews. And this is not so much analytics for the sake of selling signals, but really cool ideas. People just write because they love it! And they are written by professionals, unlike copywriter articles in most blogs, where the authors of MT4 have never seen it.

As for the cons! The accuracy of quotes is rather a disadvantage. After all, you open trades in the broker's MT4. Therefore, on the M1-M5 intervals, where obvious discrepancies between MT4 and TradingView can be seen, it is better to analyze in the broker's platform. The second disadvantage is the search tool when filtering assets — you will need to know the asset ticket. So, if we are talking about some little-known stock or futures, you first need to look for its ticket in Google.

Viljami Berk, Professional Trader


TradingView is a technical analysis platform and a social network for traders. This is a good combination to develop analytical skills in market analysis. This is a simulator and it will take several weeks to learn, but it's worth it!

Hugo Aiken, Analyst and Trader


At first glance, the service seemed confusing to me. There are a lot of buttons on the chart that hardly anyone will use. After all, does it make sense to build an analysis on an independent resource if trading is still conducted in the broker's terminal? I find TradingView more valuable for the opportunity to read interesting articles by professionals and discuss them. For a novice, there is a lot of useful information and opportunities to make useful connections.

Liam Costello, Novice Trader


Expert’s opinion on TradingView (

TradingView is a good analytical tool for those who trade actively. The Quotes charts outperform Investing and MT4 due to several criteria. First, this is scalability. TradingView can view the history of quotes with an increase in individual sections going back several years. And the desired area is found almost without scrolling through the graph in a few seconds. Second, there are technical tools, such as dozens of indicators and charting tools. Third, this is a convenient functionality because each script and indicator has a link to the authors who are discussing the tool.

TradingView is also a community of traders where ideas, strategies, charts, news, etc., are discussed. Publications are free, therefore, for traders and analysts. The platform has more than 13.6 million users and is an ideal springboard for promoting your name, strategies, and brand. The combination of a traders forum with trading tools makes the platform unique and unparalleled.

Lars Nielsen,

financial analyst


Can You Trust TradingView?

Yes. But there are nuances. You can trust the quotes, but the reviews published on the platform are the subjective opinions of the authors. Reviews are not checked for reliability, so rely on them at your risk. Occasionally, there are also minor discrepancies in the calculations and the display of some indicators. They are mostly insignificant, but this point is also worth keeping in mind. Thus, since the platform has no analogs, it can be recommended as a reliable, useful auxiliary trading tool.

Are TradingView quotes displayed in real-time?

Yes. The platform is directly connected to the world's leading quote providers. The discrepancy between the TradingView quotes and the quotes of the trading terminal may be due to the speed of the internet, delays in the terminal itself, or the broker's server. TradingView is considered one of the benchmarks of quotes because its quotes can often be found in brokers' streaming charts, which are embedded in your personal account.

Is TradingView a trading platform?

No. TradingView is an analytical platform and social network for traders. It provides free and paid access to technical tools for market analysis such as charts, indicators, and other tools. There is a demo account (paper trading) for working out strategies. Most of the functionality is free. TradingView is also a social network for traders and investors with the ability to broadcast their ideas.

Who might be interested in using the TradingView platform?

All categories of traders and investors, as well as those who want to understand the methods of professional technical analysis on their own. There are more than 100 built-in indicators and their templates, candlestick pattern recognition tools, more than 50 graphic tools, automatic correction levels, and volume indicators, etc. No other trading terminal has such functionality.