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2018-12-18   A Long Week for the British Pound (Weekly Review)

2018-12-11   Anti-risk Sentiment Swept the Markets (Weekly Review)

2018-12-05   ​Anxiety Over the Euro and the Pound Remains (Weekly Review)

2018-11-28   The Pound is Still Vulnerable Without a UK Deal With the EU (Weekly Review)

2018-11-20   Hard Week for the British Pound (Weekly Review)

2018-11-15   ​Euro and British Pound Are Falling Down Again (Weekly Review)

2018-11-06   ​The British Pound Becomes a Leader by Growth (Weekly Review)

2018-11-01   Euro Received No Support from ECB (Weekly Review)

2018-10-22   EUR and GBP Sold Out Last Week (Weekly Review)

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2018-10-09   ​Euro and British Pound at Risk (Weekly Review)

2018-10-02   ​US Fed Returns Demand For the USD (Weekly Review)

2018-09-25   ​GBP is bought and sold on Brexit news (Weekly Review)

2018-09-11   The U. S. Dollar is Still Strong (Weekly Review)

2018-09-03   Investors Buy Out Franc and Yen (Weekly Review)

2018-08-27   ​U.S. Dollar Turned Out to be under Bears Control (Weekly Review)

2018-08-20   Market strains has eased (Weekly Review)

2018-08-13   ​Turkish Lira’s decline stepped up pressure on EUR (Weekly Review)

2018-08-06   ​GBP couldn’t take advantage of the rate increase by the ECB (Weekly Review)

2018-07-31   ​There was no one who wishes to buy EUR on its week maximum (Weekly Review)