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Step-by-step Instructions for Re-registering Accounts

January 2021

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Be sure to check the list of brokers that do not require the account to be re-registered. If you find your broker in that list, then you shouldn't open a new trading account and it is enough to send the broker a request to assign an existing account to the Traders Union partner group. Provide him with your affiliate code.

To get additional payments from Traders Union with an account that has been opened previously with a broker, follow the instructions below:

  • 1

    Log in to your Personal account on our website.
    Register it if you do not have an account on Traders Union.

  • 2

    Flush all cookies and the cache of your browser while on our website. Enable cookies in the browser.

    Important notice!
    The history of your browser will be empty and the broker will assume that it went to the page using the referral link. In such a way, your account on the broker's website and trading account shall be assigned to the Traders Union affiliate group and you will get additional payments from us.

    Learn how to flush cookies in your browser:

  • If you have already completed all the steps described above, now select a broker from this list:

  • 3

    Go from our site to your broker's website (using the Traders Union referral link).

  • 4

    Register again on the broker's website with a new email (and as a result, you will obtain a new Personal Account) and open a new trading account.

    Additionally, you can specify the Traders Union affiliate code, when registering a new profile or trading account on the broker's website. Find it in the profile of the broker you are interested in on our website or request it from the Traders Union support service.

    If you don't have another email, the easiest way is to register it with Gmail. This service allows you to have multiple emails.

    Please find the step-by-step guide on how to register a second email below.

  • 5

    Add the new account number in your Personal Account on our website, under “Accounts”.

  • 6

    Wait for the verification and confirmation of the account by our specialists, make a deposit, and start trading.

Once this is done, you will get additional profit from Traders Union daily and monthly! Join us!