DoubleMA BreakOut EA

This is a great Expert Advisor for EUR/USD pair. It works on any time frames, but is most efficient on M30 time frame.

  • Initial deposit 10000.00
  • Clear profit 6360.00
  • Total profit 11790.00
  • Total loss -5430.00
  • Profitability 2.17
  • Win expectation 397.50
  • Absolute sagging 1710.00
  • Maximum sagging 3810.00 (18.97%)
  • Relative sagging 21.89% (3030.00)
  • Important! If you are not experienced with the Expert Advisor or you cannot install it in the terminal correctly, please click here. There, you can find the detailed directions on how to install the Expert Advisor.

    Download adviser

    Download adviser

    *If the advisor download does not start automatically when you right-click the link or image, please right-click the link or image and select “Save Linked Content As...” which will enable you to select the destination for saving the advisor.