Binary Options – here you will find everything you need to know about them!

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options – is a simple and profitable method to make money on the financial markets. The key advantages of these instruments lay in simplicity of work and in possibility to get high, and most importantly, known-in-advance profits from your transactions. All you have to do – is to be able to find the right way to determine how the price of a certain asset (currencies, oils or stocks of some company) will change during the appropriate time. But, as any trading type, Binary Options may have some small disadvantages – if you fail to determine the changes in the exchange rate of assets correctly, then you will not receive any profit. Now we are going to tell you everything about how to make profitable transactions and to succeed in money earning.

What are Binary Options? Suppose you’d decided to try trading and to close your first transaction. This type of trading has many positive features. When performing your trading operations, starting from the first hour you will have a possibility to get up to 85% of the amount you invested. Another important feature of this trading type is its high security level in comparison with other areas – the risk level of a particular financial operation can easily be identified in advance, because Binary Options give you a possibility to see the amount of your expected profits or losses immediately. Beyond that, when using these instruments, transactor can choose a time period, during which a specific option’s execution should be performed, and that means that there is a possibility to perform a short-term trading.

If you are not sure that you will do everything right on the first try, or if you don’t want to risk before your time, just try to perform your trading operations with minimum financial investments. You can independently set your own account’s size, because Binary Options allow for making investments starting from $1. Later, after gaining your first experience, you will be able to close transactions with larger financial volumes.

Top 3 best Binary Options brokers

After deciding to go into trading, you definitely will face the issue of choosing the most suitable broker to start with. The choice of a partner may be based on many factors relevant to organizing comfortable and secure conditions and performing beneficial trading investments. Our top 3 best BO brokers’ rating will help you in finding the most suitable partner.
  1. Verum Option

    Verum Option

    “Verum Option” broker provides its users with very profitable trading conditions – it returns up to 80% of partner payouts, uses US dollar (USD) as the deposition currency and allows for making transactions with the minimum amount of \$1. Moreover, this service offers such deposition and withdrawal methods as Visa/MasterCard, QIWI Wallet, WebMoney and Yandex.Money. There is also a possibility to withdraw your money via the bank transfer. Its minimum deposit is just 5 US dollars, and maximum lot – 1000 US dollars.


    This platform has nearly twenty years of working experience, so that it can rightfully be considered as one of the biggest and most profitable brokers on the world’s financial market. The platform’s users can trade indices, currencies and raw materials on a 24-hour basis and seven days a week, including weekends. “” broker allows for simultaneous processing of 15 transactions and makes it possible for its customers to keep their funds on segregated accounts.

    “” company is the licensed BO broker with regulation in Malta, Great Britain, Ireland and Japan. Apart from that, this company offers its services to users from CIS countries.

    The platform allows its users to open two account types – demo account and real account. The minimum deposit here is $5. On top of that, “” broker’s customers can perform their trading activities using three different currencies – US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR) and British Pound (GBP), place deposits and withdraw their money with the help of Visa/MasterCard bank cards, Wire Transfer and Western Union money transfer systems, as well as use various electronic payment systems, including WebMoney, Skrill, Moneta.Ru, Neteller, QIWI Wallet, InstaDebit, UKash и ClickandBuy.

  3. Olymp Trade

    Olymp Trade

    This trading platform is a web-terminal – in-house development of “Olymp Trade” company. The broker provides its customers with a possibility to use both real account (to trade Binary Options) and demo account. “Olymp Trade” broker allows using US dollar (USD), Euro (EUR) and Russian Ruble (RUB) as deposition currencies. The minimum transaction volume here is the same as the one in “Verum Option” and “” – it is just $1.

    To withdraw their money, “Olymp Trade” company’s customers can use Visa/MasterCard bank cards and such electronic wallets as QIWI, Yandex.Money, NETELLER and Contact 24. The withdrawal is possible only to the card or wallet you used to place a deposit.

Of course, the list of brokers doesn’t end here, because the financial market presents plenty of opportunities for BO trading. We have provided you with the information about top 3 best BO companies. If you want to see the full list of BO brokers, you can do it by visiting this page.

Binary Options Forum – The place to find information about brokers

You probably will have many different questions at the beginning of your work, because normally every trader has his/her own requests and preferences. Are Binary Options legitimate? How to make money on Binary Options? Where can I find a suitable forum? Is there any guide about how to start trading? Which is the best partner to choose? Which currency should I work with? Which one of brokers pays in the currency that suits me best? How to define the optimum size of a deposit? Can I earn more? You can find answers to all those questions on our BO Forum.

This service gives the detailed information both to newcomers and experienced traders. Reading this forum you will be able to find out about the different BO trading strategies, check out some reviews about these instruments, ask experienced traders’ advice and even find the person who will help you get the hang of things and make the most even out of your first transactions.

Binary Option types

Many brokers offer a wide variety of the trading instruments, modernizing old ones and developing new tools. In this section we will list the most popular of them, and those most commonly used for trading.

  1. Binary Option – High/Low

    When using this instrument it is very important to forecast the increase or decrease of the price within the specified time. All you have to do – is to select one of actions, and if, upon completion of the option’s execution, the price is higher than at the beginning – you will get your profit. This is one of the most popular variants.
  2. Binary Option - Touch

    When working with this instrument, you have to determine the level that the price will touch (or will not touch) during its increase or decrease. Regardless of the direction the price goes after touching the determined mark, you receive your money. Another variant – lack of the touch of the determined mark as it is. If using the previous variant, you get your profit after the first touch, then using this variant you have to wait until the transaction’s execution is over. In case the price doesn’t touch the predetermined mark within this period of time, then you remain on profits.
  3. Binary Option – Range

    When working with this instrument, the price must remain within the range preset by a trader. In order to make the execution of such range profitable, the trader has to specify the price range, in which (in his/her view) the price will change during the specified period of time. The trader gets his/her profit in case the price doesn’t go beyond the specified frames.
  4. Binary Option - Spread

    When working with this instrument, it is not only about forecasting if the price is to be above or below the current mark – you also have to indicate its exact value. For example, you can make a forecast of the price decrease by 10 points within next 30 minutes. Such option type is more risky, because it can be a lot more complicated to forecast such precise data, than just to indicate if the price goes up or not. But, in case you deal with such transactions, many brokerage companies give you higher percentage, because the risk level of such transactions is bigger.

Binary Options’ main strategies

When asked how to make money on Binary Options, it is worth noting that it is practically impossible to make a large profit without using a certain strategy. Any trader is free to choose his/her trading strategy and brokerage company depending on his/her demands and wishes. Someone just uses “trendy” strategies with these instruments, someone acts under long-term or, on the contrary, short-term strategies, and some users aim to get their profits by any method. As of today, the financial market is full of various BO trading strategies, and it would be virtually impossible to list all of them. Among other things, we should also keep in mind that the financial market constantly changes being influenced by the different political and economic factors, so it is not always easy to find the right trading strategy that would work permanently and smoothly under such conditions. Let’s speak about the most suitable strategies for beginners:

  1. Options’ strategy – Three in a row

    This strategy is based on the three most popular trade indicators – Moving Average (moving average price on a chart, which helps to determine the trading trend and to time its ending), Stochastic (helps in determining the price deviation at the moment from its previous values) and RSI (relative strength index – measures a trend’s strength and determines the spots for chart changes). Simultaneous use of all three instruments gives traders a possibility to perform the correct assessment of the situation on the market and to make a bid. All too often, there are situations in which every indicator (separately from other indicators) may give an imprecise signal, however, while using these indicators simultaneously, they can “filter out” each other’s values, thus making it possible for traders to perform proper analysis of the current market situation and take benefits from this BO trading strategy.
  2. “Reverse” strategy for Binary Options trading

    The strategy’s main idea is to define on a chart those moments, when the price enters a trend and to forecast the next most appropriate moment to make your bid and get some profit. The following indicators should be used to analyze a chart under this strategy: Bollinger Bands, MACD and MA. When using this strategy it is important to make bids in the timeframe that shows steady up-trend.
  3. “Spring” strategy for Binary Options trading

    This reversal strategy in fact lies in bidding against the main trend. This may not always be easy, and to work under this trading strategy it’s recommended to use three indicator types: CCI (market prices analyzing indicator), Bollinger Bands (channel indicator), and Stochastic (as mentioned before, it serves to determine the price deviations at the given moment from its previous values). With this strategy you can use any time frame you want – from 5-minute interval and more.
  4. “Martingale” strategy for Binary Options trading

    This is one of the most popular BO trading strategies. Its system is based on the theory of probability. There are only two directions that the price may take during the trading process: either up or down – and the probability of each direction is equal to 50%. A trader puts a certain amount on the selected option, and in case he/she wins – then he/she repeats this transaction, and in the event of failed transaction – he/she doubles the amount in order to cover his/her losses from the previous bad transaction in case of success. The experienced traders point out that, even with frequent losses, this BO trading strategy really works great – because large number of bad transactions in a row is quite a rare thing on BO field, and sooner or later, your winnings will cover your losses. This strategy is excellent for the experienced traders, who already have a certain amount of money on their accounts, and who are able to understand and analyze the market’s conditions.
  5. “New Martingale” strategy for Binary Options trading

    “New Martingale” strategy was originally developed and practiced by the well-known trader and trainer Mr. Nikolay Kokar. “New Martingale” strategy is based on its predecessor – “Martingale” strategy, but at the same time it boasts some improved features. The main idea is that when trading with “New Martingale” strategy you enter the market only at the time that this strategy is ready to pan out. “New Martingale” strategy has two key rules you should follow while trading: it’s necessary to determine the trend precisely and correctly, and to be able to analyze 30-minute charts – when the price on this chart begins its sharp falling, it is the right moment to enter the market.

Binary Options’ charts

Binary Options’ live chart

In more recent times, live charts gain the increasing popularity among traders. Besides that, beginners like them very much – when using live charts you don’t have to register with brokers, and it becomes even simpler to set indicators and test strategies.

Live charts are quite user-friendly also because unlike Forex trading, BO trading is much easier and requires lower number of the instruments. Therefore, live charts are easy-to-use, have no lags and allow traders to monitor trading on a real-time basis.

Binary Options’ bonuses for beginners

Very often brokers offer their beginners various bonuses. These extra amounts can be used during the trading process in addition to the trader’s main funds, but users can withdraw them out of their accounts only subject to certain conditions of a broker. Such bonuses are of several types:

  1. Binary Options’ bonuses at registration

    This type of a bonus is granted as a deposit amount for registration. It is often charged after the first deposit placement. It can be equal to 100% of the amount! The percentage is different from trader to trader, and the bonus’ highest amount almost always has its limitations. To withdraw the obtained bonus funds the trader has to perform the requisite quantity (specified by broker) of transactions with the bonus amount.

  2. Binary Options’ bonuses on additional deposit

    These are additional trading funds that are charged by a broker depending on the sum invested by a trader. The quantity of such bonuses is a bit lower than the one of registration bonuses, but they also make some positive contributions to the beneficial trading.

  3. Risk-free options’ bonuses

    The idea of this bonus is as follows: a broker insures trader’s first transactions. If in performing his/her first transactions the trader loses money, the broker can charge him/her with additional funds to cover those losses. The advantage of such bonus is that the trader takes no risks during the trading process – if he/she loses money, then this loss is covered by the broker, and if he/she reaches profitability – he/she keeps his/her earnings.

  4. No deposit bonus – Binary Options without investments

    These bonuses are charged to a trader’s account during the registration and require no first deposition. Such bonuses usually have stricter withdrawal conditions, but at the same time allow a new user to come to grips with the working principle of the platform and provide safe opportunity to learn how to trade. Often, such bonuses are charged automatically, but in some cases special application may be required to get them.

  5. BO trading cash back bonuses

    This is the simplest bonus type. The basic idea is that the broker compensates a part of the trader’s losses – normally 15-20%. This bonus should be used only when trader is at a loss; however, there is no need to return bonus if trading with profit.

  6. Referral bonuses

    Referral bonuses are charged to a traders’ account for every “friend” attracted. Moreover, a certain percentage is charged to a trader’s account for every deposition of the account of another broker’s customer who registered on a platform through the referral link of a trader. Click this link to check out bonuses presented in our system.

Binary Options – Demo account

Demo-account – is an account with virtual funds, through which brokers’ new customers can evaluate the quality of work of a certain platform. Aside from that, demo-accounts are frequently used by the beginners in order to practice, and by experienced users – to test some new BO trading strategies. It is very important when the broker has such account type on its platform, thus giving its customers a possibility to use it for free.

Demo-account is very easy to use, and the basis of such simplicity lies in the principle that you cannot lose your real money. But if you take demo-account trading as a real one, it can teach you a lot. When the time comes to enter the real market, you will be well informed about all instruments and strategies and your trading will be much easier with such great experience!

IAFT recommends that beginners to try trading Binary Options by using demo-accounts of the flowing brokers:

Broker Link
Verum Option
Verum Option
Open demo-account
Open demo-account
Olymp Trade
Olymp Trade
Open demo-account

Binary Options – The professional’s opinion

Mr. Nikolay Kokar

When starting with binary options traders may often have numerous questions, and they usually express a desire to know some professional opinion of the expert that deals with this sector of the market. One of the biggest professionals in this area is Mr. Nikolay Kokar – the experienced trader and trainer. His expert’s opinion expresses the idea that BO trading – is one of the most profitable activities, but only if you have the right approach to it.

Mr. Nikolay Kokar recommends using his trading strategy called “New Martingale”. This strategy was created on the basis of already existing and highly regarded “Martingale” strategy, and by taking ideas from some other strategies targeting long-term rates on global trends. This BO specialist believes that “New Martingale” strategy protects traders against bad investments and reduces risks.

Videos about Binary Options

You can get more information by watching our topic-oriented video package. It provides a good overview of all the peculiarities of working with binary options and focuses on how to make money on binary options.

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